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Being faithful is a decision a man must make on a daily basis. While today's society makes it significantly more difficult to be faithful, it '''can''' be done. This may depend, though, on your definition of "faithful," which has also been mutated by society. If you demand that a man never even look at another woman, then you're out of luck ... it probably will never happen. A man looking at a woman, though, does not mean, necessarily, that the man is unfaithful, or the woman is imperfect. Men are visually cued. That doesn't mean, though, that a man must carry through with his thoughts, or whatever thoughts you may think he's having. If they don't live in California or New York, it's quite common. The image portrayed by Hollywood says no, but there are many men and women who are faithful for their entire lives.

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Q: Is it possible for a man to be faithful in today's society?
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What is the enduring popularity of Robin Hood?

He steals from the rich and gives to the poor.he relates to the average man in todays society

Can a bisexual man be faithful to a gay man?

It depends on the man, but generally speaking, any man can be faithful if that's what he wants.

What keeps a man faithful?

The Man

Is it possible for a man to truly be faithful not just physically but mentally and emotionally to his wife?

Yes, it is possible for some men to remain faithful. There are many men out there that may be considered old fashion, but they truly love and adore their wife and stay true to her. Even in some cases if the wife cheats on her husband he will love her enough to forgive her and he still won't cheat on her. Unfortunately, the percentage is very low in these modern times.Generally yes. How many men are faithful like that depends on your definition of "mentally and emotionally faithful", but no matter your definition, it is possible for a man to be perfectly faithful to his wife in everything he feels, thinks and does.

Are Virgo men faithful?

No man can be determined faithful or not just by if they're virgos.

Is man faithful to gods promise?

well it depends who's the person and if they have faith if they don't then they aren't faithful but if they are then they are faithful. Plus everyone is not the same there are some people that are and some that aren't faithful.

Is it possible for a man who dated me when he was married be honest now?

You mean, will the man who knows you were willing to share him with his wife, without her knowledge, be faithful to you now that he is single? Doesn't seem likely, does it?

Early monkeys changed into man but why not todays monkey not change into man?


Can a man stay faithful in a marriage?


What kind of behavior that a man should have to be a good man?

Be honest, faithful, and loyal.

Can man do intercourse with woman in 16 age?

It is physically possible, but is illegal in some parts of the world. Society may disapprove if the man is much older.

Who wrote the lyrics to Faithful Man?

Ryan Long

Can a married man be faithful to girlfriend?

No. He has a wife, a lover , a . . . .

What do you call a man that can't be faithful?

A cheater or an adulterer.

In a religious context is it possible for man in general to remain faithful in today's society?

I believe so, but it's not made easy in today's society, where values are greatly downplayed in favor of instant gratification and a glut of pleasure feeding pasttimes. Most damaging, perhaps, is the collective belief that true monogamy or lifetime relationships are impossible. It depends on the individual person, his belief system, his values and how much he lets society's adolescent tastes affect him. Fidelity is caertainly possible, but it takes work and commitment, both in short supply these days.

Are scorpios faithful?

Yes. If a Scorpio man isn't faithful, it's usually because he's not getting enough sex!

What is a faithful member of a political group called?

Party man

What does each letter in word faithful man stand for?

with love

How do you know if a Senegalese man faithful to an American wife?


What is man vs society conflict?

it is when man is having trouble with society

Can a bisexual woman be faithful to a straight man?

As long as she truly likes him.

Can a Scorpio man be a faithful lover?

Quite literally as faithful as anyone else. Date and time of birth have little if anything to do with the choices people make.

How does a man keep faithful?

If you really love a woman, then you can be faithful with no problem. If you don't - there's only one way out - better for both.

Is it that society influences man or man influences society?

Both are true, man is the basic unit in the society structure, which means that society is just some groups of men (and ofcourse women) that interact together.

What is an everyday an example of man vs. society?

Social interaction shows how man vs society respond. This is an example using the word phrase man vs society.