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depends on what you are getting counseling for. my personal experience has been that it gives him a chance to hear it from someone other than you - because the ego doesn't get in the way. it opened us up to wanting to help each other, instead of work against one another.

good luck!

AnswerHonestly, I am not sure about this one.For I personally believe that counselling can only help someone if they know that they need it and if they are seriously interested in changing themselves.But, I have seen that abusers rarely acknowledge their shortcomings.They are an egoistic and self-centric lot and that's the very reason they abuse others.If you want to test your abuser if he can change with counselling,I will suggest a simple test.Give him an example of a similar situation in your friend is or omething you read about.And if his answers are very logical and mature,then you know that this person very well understands the difference between right and wrong,good and bad.And yet, he has reacted the way he had with you then he definitely does not need any counselling.All he needs is a kick in the butt by you for good!And if he justifies the behaviour of the abuser in your example then he definitely needs help.But there is no guarantee that he would change.So, for the sake of your personal safety and well-being,I will advise you to help him to seek 'help' and you move on.Please do not try to waste any more time on such a relationship and a person.Wish you all the best!
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Q: Is it possible for a man to change with counseling?
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Is it possible that your ex abusive husband to change when he remarried and shows stable signs of not being abusive to his second wife?

Possible, but not likely for him to change on his own without serious counseling.

How do you make a horrible husband nice?

You don't. People are who they are and when you married this man he was who he was. You can't change people if they don't want to change. The best you can do is get counseling for the two of you or leave him.

Your abuser ex husband can be change actitud when he remarried and be a good man?

yES; There is nothing you cannot cure yourself of when you ADMIT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. A man or woman CAN CHANGE with counseling, a lot of self discipline, and CONSTANT WORK. Yes, men AND women, with help and counseling, CAN remarry and correct themselves.

Can a man change if he is a cheater?

* Yes, a man can change if he's a cheater by getting psychological counseling, but some men are in denial and some believe it's a given right for a man to cheat. If you don't seek help then you will gain a bad reputation and have difficulties with women or in relationships with women.

Is a married man able to change his abusive behavior towards his wife after 40 years of marriage?

Anything is possible if you want to try hard and endure and work hard. Most men will not attend very many counseling sessions and don't want to talk about problems. A man who needs to change his reactions will need to get comfortable with talking and sharing alot. Things in childhood has to be addressed and he needs to reprogram his bad thinking that was placed there by what happened to him in childhood. There is a lot to learn and he has to want to learn it to become a different man than he is now.

Is there still a chance that a 25 year old man can change even if he hasn't been able to keep a job in the past two years and doesn't have anywhere to live?

It's certainly possible to change, but it sounds like he may need some structured help. If the structure to make the change does not exist on the inside, then it must come from the outside, such as counseling, therapy or a personal coach to help get him started and keep going.

If body transplant becomes possible in the future and scientists transplant the body of a woman on to a man's head will that change the man's sexuality?

No, since the testicles are still in the body of the man.

Open Up To Counseling For Better Results?

Counseling can come in the form of speaking to a therapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. No matter the purveyor of counseling, the goal is to better one's quality of life. Whether the reason for counseling is grief, specific mental illness or learning coping mechanisms for emotions, counseling can make these things manageable. However, you have to be ready to talk about your problems. Open up in counseling to get the best help possible.

What do you do if your spouse is having a mid-life crisis?

Be understanding as much as possible. People change in a life time and sometimes they change at different times in a marriage for one reason or another. Your spouse will come out of it sooner or later. You may want to seek counseling to help your through the process.

Could you be addicted to counseling?

This sounds possible but uncommon. You can become addicted to anything.

What was the possible reason the Neanderthals died out?

Either because of climate change, or competition from Cro-Magnon man (modern humans).

How would the change from man to werewolf be scientifically possible?

It couldn't. That's why it's called fiction. It's for people with an imagination.

What is a description of prepregnancy counseling?

Involves communicating important aspects about diet, nutrition, exercise, smoking, alcohol, drugs, emotional health and possible referral for genetic counseling months in advance of getting pregnant.

You are now pregnant by dog what you do?

That is not even possible, the chromosomal numbers do not match. If you did something that would make you believe this is possible, you seriously need counseling and intensive therapy.

What are the possible thesis title involving guidance and counseling?

the personality of guidance counselors affected the designated position

What must a couple in marriage counseling be willing to change?

When this is understood, the two can then learn to change how they interact with each other to solve problems.

Should you confront the man your wife cheated with?

No ... especially as you do not know who initiated the affair in the first place. Since the affair has happened, both parties involved are equally responsible. Get professional counseling for you and your wife ... now. Do all you can to save your marriage if at all possible.

Where can one contact a Consumer Credit Counseling Service?

There are a number of places that you can search to find a convenient Consumer Credit Counseling Service near your area. A couple sites you may want to start with include The Step Change and American Consumer Credit Counseling website.

If your boyfriend is mentally and physically abusive and blames it on his anger problems and his family situation should you have hope he'll change with his counseling?

well does your boyfriend abuse you? jw.. but you kinda should hope he would change in counseling. and of this doesnt help you need a close friend to talk to you about this:)

What are some of the different types of counseling available?

Counseling can help people with various issues they are dealing with in their life. Some of the different counseling available are marriage counseling, grief counseling, family counseling, relationship counseling, and mental health counseling.

Types of Counseling?

There are a variety of types of counseling. These include addiction counseling, career counseling, as well as clinical mental health counseling.

What is the most important thing in counseling?

The greatest amount of change occurs within the therapeutic relationship.

What do i do if I don't want to be lesbian?

It is not possible to change your sexual orientation. If you are unhappy with your orientation, the best course of action is to seek counseling to uncover the reasons for your unhappiness, and treat that issue.

What has the author E Richard Dustin written?

E. Richard Dustin has written: 'Action counseling for behavior change' -- subject(s): Client-centered psychotherapy, Counseling, Behavior therapy

How long does it take for a married man to get over hurting his family with his affair and want to cheat again?

pray to God for help and the strength to not cheat try counseling.......for the cheating and maybe marriage counseling.