Is it possible for a man to change with counseling?

depends on what you are getting counseling for. my personal experience has been that it gives him a chance to hear it from someone other than you - because the ego doesn't get in the way. it opened us up to wanting to help each other, instead of work against one another.

good luck!


Honestly, I am not sure about this one.For I personally believe that counselling can only help someone if they know that they need it and if they are seriously interested in changing themselves.But, I have seen that abusers rarely acknowledge their shortcomings.They are an egoistic and self-centric lot and that's the very reason they abuse others.If you want to test your abuser if he can change with counselling,I will suggest a simple test.Give him an example of a similar situation in your friend is or omething you read about.And if his answers are very logical and mature,then you know that this person very well understands the difference between right and wrong,good and bad.And yet, he has reacted the way he had with you then he definitely does not need any counselling.All he needs is a kick in the butt by you for good!And if he justifies the behaviour of the abuser in your example then he definitely needs help.But there is no guarantee that he would change.So, for the sake of your personal safety and well-being,I will advise you to help him to seek 'help' and you move on.Please do not try to waste any more time on such a relationship and a person.Wish you all the best!