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It is possible, but stay away from married men. It is trouble in the end and he will not leave his wife for you or ever committ. You do not want to be the "marraige destroyer" and especially if he has children - they deserve a family that is in-tact. In some states, the wife can sue the mistress. Friendship is fine, but if you feel it is going further, back away.

AnswerYes it's possible but it's just attraction not love, he doesn't love you that's why he didn't marry you. His heart will always be with the other women and you will get used. Unless it is you he loves there is nothing you can do...only he can. But don't bet on it..move on to someone available..
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Q: Is it possible for a married man to still be attracted to you if you think he likes you?
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Are attracted to a guy he thinks you are married but you are separating?

If you are attracted to a man and he thinks that you are married, you can let him know that you are currently separated from your spouse. Technically, that means you are still married. He might be waiting for you to be permanently separated.

If a guy says that you are like a little sister to him is it possible that he could still be sexually attracted to you?

No, it means he likes you and cares for you as a friend but not in a manner of a relationship or sexually. He is not interested in you more than a friend.

If an ex of 5 years is with someone else but kept in contact with you and says he likes you as a person as is still really physically attracted to you is it possible that he still loves you?

Yes, it is very possible. In fact, in most of the cases, the former boyfriend/girlfriend fails to not be attracted to their previous love interest. It is human nature. After an intimate relationship with someone, you cannot absolutely forget them, and at some level, still maintain that liking, but it doesn't make a difference and ceases to affect you the way it did at one point.

If an ex of 5years says he likes you as a person and is still physically attracted to you but hes with someone else does he still love you?

yes he loves you and is not lusting you...the other person is a complicated REBOUND!

Can a married man live with a married woman and still be married and paying bills for her.?

Yes, It is possible but that doesn't mean that the situation is sensible.

Can a man be bisexual and married to a woman?

Yes. Being married to a woman (hopefully) means that a man fell in love with someone of the opposite sex, but it doesn't restrict him from being attracted to both sexes. As long as he is still attracted to other men, he's bisexual.

Why is Kevin Jonas getting married and he is still young?

Maybe he really likes this girl and he has a lot in common with her.

In harvest moon ds how can you keep Muffy to still love you even after your married?

Give her gifts she likes and talk to her daily. That will Keep Muffy loving you after you are married.

Is it possible that your ex still likes you?

it depends if he dosent show it he is indenile if he dose he is juss bein nice

Why is your husbands ex so jealous?

She is jealous probly because she still likes him and she is mad that he already moved on and married

The guy I've liked for YEARS best friends likes me but Im not attracted to him at all. I still like the same guy and neither of them know?

whats the question

Is it wrong to like someone older?

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone older then you. If you are a teenager who likes someone in there 20's then there may be a problem. You can really be attracted to anyone no matter how old, you should still date people who are your age though.

Is it possible for an ex married couple who still work together to find love with someone else in the same company?

Anything is possible.

Is your boyfriend still attracted to you?

i dont know i am a boy your boyfriend is probably attracted to you

There is a Girl that shows that she is attracted to you but she is still friends with her ex She is flirting with you and still shows shes attracted to you The question is Does she like you or what?


Can that be possible that the guy you like liked both you and your friend and now your friend tells you that he loses interest on her but still likes you?

Sure, anything can be possible in the game of LOVE...

Is it possible to get married in the us when still married in Mexico?

No, if you are legally married anywhere in the world then the marriage is considered legal under US law. Any subsequent marriage while still married anywhere would be legally invalid and you could be arrested for bigamy.

Does Leonardo da Vinci still have a bloodline today?

Since he was not married and had no children, it would not be possible.

Is Wayne Brady is gay?

he was married to 2 different women, so probably not but still possible

If someone wanted your number and you didn't give them it Do they still like you?

Yes, it is possible that somebody still likes you unless any other person has entered in his/her life.

What is Homer Simpson relationship status?

He likes to have Intercourse relation with people joking He is still married to a beautiful wife and has 3 kids

Is it possible to go to mecca to perform haj to a Muslim girl who got married to a Hindu but still a Muslim?

NO!! if you get married to a Hindu and if you are a MUSLIM WOMAN, you are NOT A MUSLIM ANYMORE!!

Why men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. It simply means they do not feel attracted to women. Their bodies still function the same, but women just do not appeal to them.

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If i put as my Facebook status we are afraid to care to much for fear that the other person doesn't care at all and My ex replied now if that only applied to me does that mean he likes me?

It's possible she still likes you and just wants a way to get you to still like her back