Is it possible for a narcissist to end a relationship outside of marriage with a woman who feeds his ego endlessly so she can prevent him from ending the relationship to save his marriage?


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2014-11-01 04:46:06
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It really amazes me how much the word "narcissistic" or "narcissist" comes up. You'd swear it was a new trend of disease that everyone wants to get!

Some guys are just jerks and you're trailing on the boxer shorts (or thong) of your true love. You deserve better! It would be the day I would let my husband see another woman (even if I wasn't married and it was my boyfriend) and I'd dump him like a hot rock!

These types of guys aren't worth it. They want their cake and eat it too. Do yourself a favor and let her have him! Let her have the headaches because he'll do the same to her.

I was married to my ex who thought he was nothing short of the greatest lover on earth and he had a mistress. She phoned me "wanting to talk" and I told her right out she could have him! I gave him to her. He did cheat on her, and she married him anyway!

Please, get away from this guy. He's just plain no good and I don't even know why you want him back. Please don't say it's love because people who love one another don't hurt each other in this manner.

You can bet, if you leave him, he'll be burning rubber up to your front door pleading you to rethink your actions. He can't understand in his tiny brain how much he has hurt you and he just wants that "cake and eat it to" and he'll just go right back to the way he was. Run!


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People have long-term relationships with all sorts of people. Having a long-term relationship with a narcissist may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly is possible to do so.

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It is possible to show up a narcissist publicly, but if you do, the narcissist is going to be very angry at you. It is not always a wise strategy to make enemies.

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Please let me apologize in advance for my sarcasm, but I wish this were always the case! If all the narcissists paired up, then they would leave all us normal folks alone... Seriously, I did read somewhere (in Sam Vaknin's site?) that there are two particular "types" of narcissists may do well for a time...Was it an inverted narcissist he was refering to? I don't quite remember.(Google: "inverted narcissist maybe?) I also read that there are folks out there that actually like being in a relationship with a narcissist!

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One possible answer is 0.89 where the 9 repeats endlessly.

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Get as far away as possible as soon as you can!!!

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