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Yes it is. For some people they are predestined to be this way, while others can learn this behavior from the environment they are in. Abusive partners whether it be physical, mental or sexual, weave their web well and they are just great at brain-washing their victims. While some victims feel intimidated, frightened and feel they have no strength to leave their circumstances, others will stay out of sheer stubbornness or perhaps because they fear they could lose their children, property, etc., if they leave and a few love to live a life of constant drama. Some will stay and comply to the abuser, but, a few will hold their anger in only so long and then all hell will hit the fan. If they can't take it out on their abuser they may harm their children or others around them. When someone has been brain-washed into a routine of S&M, physical beatings, or mental abuse it will take psychological counseling to undo the harm that has been done to the victim. The victim, if lucky, may leave those circumstances and feel once they do all is well, but it isn't. The mental scars from the above 3 circumstances are still there and will sneak out every so often and can cause depression, lethargy, and rage towards others.

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Q: Is it possible for a person to become addicted to physical and sexual and self-abuse?
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