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Yes, and even more. I, a plumber in a small east coast state was responsibe for over $300k of work in a single year. That number reflects me working by my self in the field. Plumbing today is not only having the ability to do the work, but also the ability to sell. On the average, a plumber can command from $160 to $300 an hour. Anyone who is saying that they know one for much less, has a plumber who is limited in options when it comes to supporting the customer base. For example, A high pressure jetter to properly clear sewer lines, or the crew to get support out to a emerency quicky. Dont forget the good pay for a good plumber. A plumber that not only knows the trade enough to be trusted, but also let the homeowner feel ok with the decisions being made. Last but not least, WATER IS A FOOD! Children drink it, infants mothers may use the water out of tap to make formula, and so forth. The plumbing trade is watche over , at least in my regon, by the depo of heath and the FDA. One stupid mistake may not just polute the water in the house, but possibly the whole block. Also keep in mind that ,in my state, you must attend school for four years, while working. Two years after that, the plumbing board reviews your work history, the if OK'd , You may take your masters test. So $150 - $300 an hour........ totaly worth it!

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Q: Is it possible for a plumber to make 200K a year?
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