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Yes, as hormones surge and the body changes, it is possible for a little milk to show.

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Q: Is it possible for a woman to lactate two weeks after conception?
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How long does a woman stay pregnant from the time of conception?

40 weeks

How does a woman calculate their conception date?

A woman can calculate the conception date of her baby by figuring out the first date of her last menstrual period. Then the woman can add around 2 weeks to that date and that is the best estimate of a conception date.

What is the normal weeks of a full term pregnant woman?

40 weeks fromthe start of the last period, 38 weeks from conception.

Is a woman pregnant 40 weeks after conception or 40 weeks after the first day of her LMP?

Pregnancy lasts an average of 40 weeks from the LMP

How many weeks is the average woman pregnant?

The average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks (after the last period or 38 weeks after conception). The average fertility rate is 2.58 children per woman. So, the average woman is pregnant for about 103 weeks of her life.

Can you still have a period at weeks of pregnancy?

Yes medical studies in the institute of West America institute of medical pharmacology have determined that it is indeed possible for a woman to be pregnant and still proceed to menstruate up to 6-11 weeks after conception.

How do you lactate breasts?

Breasts begin preparing to lactate while the woman is pregnant.

Is it possible to detect if a woman is pregnant after 5 days of conception?

No, the egg will be to small to detect

How old can a woman lactate?


Can you make a woman lactate?

I don't think you could "make" a woman lactate. It is certainly very possible for a woman to induce lactation without being pregnant. This process takes a bit of work and effort by the woman. An important element in inducing lactation is for the woman to have a strong desire for her milk to come in. The tone of the question suggests the possibility of one person forcing a woman to lactate using medications without the woman's consent. This would not only be wrong it would be doomed to failure.

Is it possible to feel sign of pregnancy 7 days after conception?

No I disagree...I think that you can feel mild symptoms 7 days after conception. Every woman is different!

Can a non pregnant woman lactate?


Can a post menopausal woman lactate?


Is it normal for a pregnant woman not to experience breast tenderness right away or at least in the first few weeks of conception?

Yes. It effects every woman differently.

What type of pregnancy symptoms occur within one week of conception?

usually when a woman has conceived, she is already considered 2 weeks pregnant, so you would be three weeks and around that time woman can begin the symptoms. all woman are different but normally you can feel really tired and your breasts are sore. feeling nauseous is unlikely but possible. and of course a missed period.

Can pregnancy symptoms such as cramping start right after conception?

You will start to notice symptoms about two weeks after conception but it can vary for each woman. The likelihood of it happening the exact moment you conceive is low though.

What are the signs you get in the first two weeks after conception?

It varies from woman to woman. You may not have any signs, but you could experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach aches and loss or gain of appetite.

What position should a womens cervix be in after conception?

There is no specific "position" for the cervix to be in, if conception has occured. It will vary from woman to woman, and should not be relied upon to determine conception and pregnancy.

Can a woman lactate without pregnancy?

No, a woman cannot lactate without pregnancy. This is because the mammary glands are only stimulated to produce milk during pregnancy and while a mother is nursing her newborn.

Can a woman lactate 3 years after pregnancy?

If she is still nursing a child.

Can you have any signs when your 2 weeks pregnant?

A woman can experience early pregnancy signs at two weeks. You may experience a tingling or prickling sensation at the nipples of your breasts. You may also have tender breasts after conception.

If sperm is ejaculated into a woman on a Friday and she ovulates on a Sunday is conception possible?

yes sperm stays viable for up to 5 days after intercourse

Can a woman who has never been pregnant lactate?

Yes. "induced lactation" is a bit difficult and varies person to person, but possible by pumping multiple times a day every day over several weeks. Some medicines and herbs claim to help with this. Some tumors may also lead to lactation.

Is it illegal to pay to watch a woman lactate?

no its not illegal, so go crazy

If you were told you conceived on February 10 2007 and the first day of your lmp was January 27 2007 but when you do the pregnancy calculators they say you are 5 weeks pregnant--how is that possible?

Pregnancy supposedly (medically) lasts for 40 weeks. In reality it lasts for 38 weeks from conception. Conception occurs approximately 14 days after your last period started for a woman who has a 28 day cycle. So everyone's pregnancy is based on these mythical 14 days eventhough very few women have a 28 day cycle! Medically they count these 14 days within the 40 weeks you are pregnant. You are considered 2 weeks pregnant at the moment of conception! Therefore three weeks after "The Deed" you are considered 5 weeks pregnant. Your doctor will not really care when you fell pregnant, s/he will be more concerned about the date of your last period and count from there.

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