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Your period stops when you become pregnant. Some women do bleed a little while pregnant but it is not a regular period and a doctor should be consulted.

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Q: Is it possible for a woman to still have a regular period throughout her pregnancy?
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Could you be pregnant even when you have signs of the next period?

yes you can. You can actually have periods throughout the pregnancy although it is more common to not have regular menstrual cycles during pregnancy

Should you call your doctor if your period is a week late and the pregnancy test is positive?

Yes. Having regular checkups throughout your pregnancy is so important for the child's health and your own.

Can you still be pregnant even if you got a regular period but still have some pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to still be pregnant if your last period was unusual. Do a test.

How many days does a pregnancy period last?

Pregnancy period? Its not possible to have a period during pregnancy.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you had a period three weeks after intercourse?

Yes. it is possible. A woman can have a few periods or even regular monthly periods during pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant but have what seems to be a regular period and still having pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, it's possible to still have something that resembles your period while being pregnant.

Can a woman become pregnant five days before her period?

If your cycle is regular, no you will not be ovulating 5 days before your period is due so no pregnancy is possible.

Can you be pregnant when you are thirteen days late and the pregnancy test shows negative?

It's possible that you ovulated late and did get pregnant and that is why your period is late. It's alot more possible (especially if you have regular periods) that something else is delaying your period, such as stress, or worrying about pregnancy. If you period doesn't show up soon, and you still have a negative pregnancy test, talk to your doctor!

You have your period but symptoms of being pregnant?

Possible to be pregnant. Some pregnant women have their periods every month throughout their pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're farther than 2 weeks along AFTER your period ends.

Is it possible for a woman to have 5 negative pregnancy tests including blood test and a regular period which lasted for 7 days but still be pregnant Ps I've been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

Not if you actually got your period. Pregnancy like symptoms can be caused by other things.

Is it possible to get pregnant right after your finished period and if it is can a regular at home pregnancy test detect it?

yes but you should wait at least until your next period is due to take a hpt.

Is it possible for a woman to have a period if she is pregnant?

Hello. Yes it is possible for a woman to be pregnancy and experience light bleeding during early pregnancy, similar to a period. Pregnancy bleeding will not be heavy or a normal period.

Is it possible to be on your period and still be pregnant?

yes,people can get a period while pregnant, although it would normally be lighter. Take a pregnancy test if you are unsure, or see a doctor. Yes. I have known people who had a period throughout their entire pregnancy. All you can do is keep giving yourself the pregnancy test in the beginning to find out or go to a doctor to confirm.

Is it possible to have a light period with pregnancy?

Yup its actually a sign of pregnancy!

Is pregnancy possible a day after period ends?

It is even possible to get pregnant on your period.

Can i be pregnancy and have my period?

yes you can. I have had a couple of friends who have continued to have their period throughout their pregnancies

What delays a period?

pregnancy, not being regular.

If you didnt have a period throughout your first pregnancy can you have it throughout others?

It is very unlikely that you will ever have a period during your second pregnancy as when you have a period, it is a mature egg that was not fertilised. If you want anymore info on any of these topics, then you can contact me on

Can you have your period throughout your pregnancy?

You can have light bleeding a spotting during early pregnancy but heavy, normal bleeding exactly like a period is unlikely.

Could you still be pregnant if you had your last period?

If you've had a regular period, you are not pregnant. Don't confuse this with spotting which is a pinkish fluid that lightly "spots" in a pantyliner throughout the day. Spotting could possibly mean a pregnancy, or it just might mean your period is coming. To know for sure, have a pregnancy test done either with a home version or from the doctor.

If you thought you were pregnant but finally got your period should you take a home test just to be sure you are not?

If you had a normal pregnancy, you aren't pregnant. If it was irregular or light, you should take a test.CORRECTION...If you had a regular period, not pregnancy, you aren't pregnant.ANSWERI got my regular period for 5months in my pregnancy. Some people do get their regular period during their pregnancy.

Is it possible for a woman to have vaginal bleeding her entire pregnancy and mistake it for her period and never know she was pregnant?

It is very possible for a pregnant woman to continue with her monthly cycle throughout the entire pregnancy. Although they should seek medical advice as bleed could be caused by something else

How many women have a period throughout pregnancy?

none its impossible

Can you have a regular period while your pregnant?

Yes you can. It is rare but does happen. It is actually not a "regular period" as this would mean shedding all the lining of the uterus and leaving nothing for the baby to survive in. But it is possible to shed some lining which "looks" like a regular period. yes you can. Do a pregnancy test and go see your doctor. Get blood tests done. Good luck Hello - This question will probably get various replies but based on my personal experience (I have a lot lol) a woman can have a period during early pregnancy and sometimes she can bleed into her fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. However - the period will not be NORMAL FLOW for the woman. It usually is lighter than normal. A pregnancy period is NEVER HEAVY unless its a threatened miscarriage. See your doctor for a blood test hun.

I had period and seven days after your Dr say Im pregnancy?

Its possible to have bleeding during pregnancy that You mistake for your period