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Anything is possible.

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Q: Is it possible for an ex married couple who still work together to find love with someone else in the same company?
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Is it possible for someone to be married in a foreign country and that same person be married in US?


Is it possible to love someone your not together with?


Why do you have to be married to someone?

You do not have to get married to someone if you don't want to. However, many people get married because they are in love and wish to bring up a family together.

Is it possible to own someone?

well, slave owners can own slaves. And you can definitely own someone as in pwning. I do not think it is possible to own someone even if u r married to them or not i still don't think it is possible to own someone!!

Whats a word for missing someone?

If you are just going with someone or are engaged and not living together it's 'lovesick' and if you are living together or married it's 'homesick.'

What image do you have for the company?

There are many possible images that someone could have for a company. These images might include a logo or a phrase.

You married a man who is married in Mexico and ive benn with him for 10 years but married for2 yrs what punishment could he get and is your marriage legal you have a daughter together?

It is pretty bad to be married to someone that has done that but for a punishment get engaged and no it is not legal to have a child if someone else is married.

Is it possible to fall in love after a week?

Yes, it is very possible to fall in love with someone after only a week together.

Should my boyfriend and I move in together?

You should never move in with someone if you aren't married.

What do you do if someone backs into you?

Exchange insurance information and report it to your insurance company as soon as possible.

How long can you live with someone in New York state before you are considered married?

You aren't considered married in New York unless you get married. Living together with someone in New York doesn't create a legal marriage.

Is it possible for someone that came to US legally but their time ran out is it possible for them to get married without leaving the country?

If your question is 'does merely marrying a US citizen give someone the right to remain in the US' then the answer is 'no'.

If batman got married name someone he knows that probably that would not get a ivataion?

He is a fictional character and this is not possible.

Can I be legally married to someone even if we don't live together?


What if you married someone who was already married and you have him or her on your insurance?

Tell the insurance company you make a mistake on the application form, and that the fact is the man you described as your husband has not legal relation to you.

When do I Have to get married?

You don't have to get married at all. However, if you live with someone, maybe even have children with someone, being married gives you greater rights and makes inheritance easier if one of you should die for instance. Insurances may also offer better cover for a married husband/wife than for someone who's only living together.

Why do Romeo and Juliet rush to get married?

Because it was love at first sight and they wanted to be together forever. They thought it was love at first sight and when you love someone why not get married

Is it illegal to date someone at work?

Illegal? No. A violation of company policy and possible cause for termination? It could be. It depends on the company. Check with your company's HR department.

Could someone get remortgage on your guarantee?

It may be possible but understand if they fail to service their mortgage, the mortgage company will come after YOU not them.

Were can a 13 year old get married at?

Well 13 years old is pretty young. You turn an adult when you are 18. So when you are 18 or older you can get married. I don't think it is possible to marry someone when you are 13. To marry someone you have to be truly in love with them.

When there is a will can a company decide who the money goes to by ignoring the will in the State of California?

A company normally does not have a say in what happens to a will. It is possible for someone to decline an inheritance. And the debts have to be paid regardless of what the will says.

Does Scrooge get back together with Alice?

He was never with an Alice. He was engaged to Belle and no, she released him from that promise and Belle married someone else

Can you live with someone for 10 years and not get married?

Yes, there is no requirement to get married. Depending upon the state, living together as husband and wife could create a common law marriage.

How do you get married on Facebook to someone?

You can't. Marriage is a legally-binding event which requires you to sign legal documentation. This is not possible over the internet.

Was Vince gill married to someone else before Amy Grant?

Yes - he was married to Janis Oliver. One half of the sister duo Sweethearts of the Rodeo. They have a daugther, Jenny, together.