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Yes, it is called survival of the fittess.

2006-07-14 01:20:48
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What is the species of tilapia?

The species with the name Tilapia is a kind of fish. This kind of fish is one commonly eaten in restaurants.

What kind of fish can be together?

Fish that are the same species

Fish are what species?

It depends on what kind of fish you are talking about. There are many different specie of fish.

What kind ofanimal species is a lion?

they're a fish

What kind of fish that has a red fin?

There are literally hundreds of species of fish that have a red fin.

What kind of species is the blue tang fish from?

paracanthurus hepatus

Fish that live out of water?

The only fish species that i know of that lives out of water is the dead kind.

What kind of fish does a Bluegill eat?

Minnows and the young of other species.

What kind of fish did jesus eat?

There are believed to be between eighteen and twenty-four different species of indigenous fish in the Sea of Galilee. These species include the Musht, the Biny fish, and the Sardine.

Can you put a betta with a different kind of fish?

Yes Bettas are OK with many different species of fish. They only fight with other males of their own species.

Can a Betta fish live with any other fish?

Yes they can live with many other species of fish except for their own kind...they fight.

What state has the most kind of fish?

According to US Fish and Wildlife, the state of North Carolina. The state has 119 species of freshwater fish, and over 500 saltwater species are found in the sea bordering the state.

What kind of fish and some species of whales eat phytoplankton?

All fish and some whales i just dont know!!

What kind of fish does a grizzly bear eat?

Bears eat mostly salmon or trout, but will eat any species of fish.

What would have happened if fish had no scales?

Some species of fish do not have scales. In the abscence of scales, fish would have a different kind of waterproof external covering.

What kind of animals hunt fish?

Bears, otters, many species of birds, raccoons.

What should you do for your fish to breed?

There are significant differences between different species of fish, in terms of their breeding. You must tell us what kind of fish you have, before we can advise you.

How do you take care of your pet fish?

First you need to say what kind of fish it is. They all need different conditions depending on what species they are

What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus species of a fish?

animalia, chordata, osteichthyes rest depends on the kind of fish!

Are fish eggs clear and white?

Some are. Like any other kind of egg, fish eggs vary in size and color according to their species. They're kind of clearish red, but it probably depends on the fish

What kind of gang is Rihanna in?

Rihanna is not involved in a gang.

Do fish live longer when they have other fish with them?

depends what kind of fish you mixing like if it is 2 Siamese boxing fish they will kill each other if it is a women of the species as the fish more likely yes

What kind of fish eat krill?

well i dont know fish but whales, manta rays, whale sharks, seals, a few bird species, penguins, and squid eat krill i didnt know if by fish you meant like fish or like underwater species

What kind of fish do not eat shrimp?

goldfish,and sunfish are two of the species that don't eat shrimp.

What kind of fishs live in Congo?

There are many different species but I can say that they will all be "Tropical fish"