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Anything is possible in the realm of human development. Sometimes kids grow slow and steady rather than in huge jumps at certain ages. Sometimes a person might have a problem with the management of their body's growth hormones. Nature can do anything it wants.

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Q: Is it possible for people not to have a growth spurt?
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Is it possible to have growth spurt in 30's?

While it is possible to have a growth spurt in your 30's it is VERY unusual. Most people finish their growth by the time they are around 20 and a few will continue to grow a little bit even into their 20's before reaching their final height - but not normally in the form of a growth "spurt".

Do you have growth spurt at the end of puberty?

It is very common for boys to have a growth spurt after puberty. It is possible for a increase in height of one to three inches to occur.

What is the definition of a mid growth spurt?

In our adolescence years we have a growth spurt, but during our juvenile years we only have a small growth spurt therefore we call it a "mid growth spurt" as it is not fully a growth spurt seen in that of adolescence.

Can your growth spurt comes late?

Your puberty growth spurt will happen depending on when you started puberty. If you started puberty late then your growth spurt will be late.

How do you prompt a growth spurt?

It is unknown how to prompt a growth spurt. Some doctors believe that hormone pills may prompt a growth spurt, but is yet to be proven.

How do you hit a growth spurt?

you can't hit a growth spurt. it just comes when its ready

Can you have a growth spurt at 16 years old?

You certainly can have a growth spurt at 16 years old. Many teenagers experience a growth spurt at 16 years old.

Can you have more than one growth spurt?

Yes, most people have a series of growth spurts.

Why do people grow quite fast during puberty?

Growth spurt.

Is it possible to have a growth spurt three years after starting your period?

Most teenage girls will have some growth toward the late teens & then be done.

Does every female have a growth spurt?

Every female does have a growth spurt and there are usually two different ones that will happen during puberty. The first one is the height spurt and the second one is the weight spurt.

Will guys have a big growth spurt between seventh and eighth grade?

It all depends on where you are in puberty and it is possible

How does a growth spurt happen?

it depends.Usually a girl has her growth spurt about 10yrs-12yrs.A boy would have it about 12yrs and over.

What age does a male have his last growth spurt?

Generally a male will have his last growth spurt in his teens. However, each person is different and some males may continue to grow and have a growth spurt in their early twenties.

How old are you win you get a growth spurt?

Everybody has a growth spurt at a different time. But, it usually happens in your early to mid teens.

What is growth spurt in adolescent?

There is a period of time when an adolescent will grow rapidly and become much taller; this is called a growth spurt.

What are a few signs of a growth spurt?

Once you are 21 years of age, then know that this is one sure sign of a growth spurt.

How do I know if already hit my growth spurt?

You will know that you have already hit your growth spurt if you are at least 21 years of age.

Signs of a growth spurt-?

The most obvious signs of a growth spurt are an increase in height and body weight may change.

How do you get your growth spurt?

You get your growth spurt by just doing what you do. You cannot do anything to change it or help it. Although in thr future you may be able to ocntrol your growith spurt you cannot now.

Can girls have a growth spurt at the start of menarche?

Girls can have a growth spurt at the start of menarche. Growth spurts can happen at different times throughout the teen years.

How many years does growth spurt last?

The average male growth spurt lasts for two years, and the average female growth spurt for two to two and a half years. These are only averages, and individuals may experience different lengths of maximum growth.

What hormone is growth spurt?


What actors and actresses appeared in Growth Spurt - 2014?

The cast of Growth Spurt - 2014 includes: Christina Vinsick as Terra

What is sentence using the word spurt?

Shear had a huge growth spurt. From 5ft to 9ft!