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The termination of parental rights can only be done by the judge in the court of jurisdiction. Social Services (DFS, CPS etc.) can remove children from a home and place them into protective custody until the case has been throughly investigated and is ruled upon by the court.

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Q: Is it possible for social services to decide and to take away your kids without a court order?
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When in care of social services can you leave at 18 without consent?

Yes, You can.

Who are the people who decide and place kids in better homes?

Department of Social Services is the agency that handles this and the people who do the job are Social Workers. It is a tough job since they often see children who have been abused and had other things happen to them.

How long can toddlers survive without food?

Lol give it to social services

How can a 14 year old legally move out in Oregon?

There is no way for them to do it without the help of social services.

The Internet and social networking services have allowed?

The Internet and social networking services have allowed

How do you contact a social worker?

Depends on where you are and what type of social services you need. Most social or welfare services can be found in the blue pages of your local phone book under social services.

Can a 17-year-old move out without getting into trouble if their mother is becoming an alcoholic?

Legally, no. A minor does not decide whether or not a parent is becoming an alcoholic or if the home environment is unsuitable. That is decided by the state's department of social services (DCFS, CPS, etc.).

Can social services question your child without parental knowledge?

i think so i would say yes

What are social services?

The range of public services that are provided by the government for the benefit of the community are social services. Social services are aimed at promoting the welfare of others and include services for medical care, education, food subsidies, and housing.

What is SIC Code Nonprofit Health and Social Services?

Family and Social services 8322

Who is the Minister of Social Services for the Bahamas?

Melanie Griffin is the Minister of Social Services for the Bahamas.

What social services did your school do?

social service

When was Scottish Social Services Council created?

Scottish Social Services Council was created in 2001.

Who is the Minister for Social Services for Australia?

Kevin James Andrews is the Minister for Social Services for Australia.

When was National Council of Social Services created?

National Council of Social Services was created in 1919.

If parents die without arranging custody for their children and the parents of both parents want the children who gets them?

Good question. The likelihood is that Social Services will get involved and decide which set of parents is most suitable for them. If both sets are suitable then it may go to court for a decision.

What services does little elm provide?

Animal services and Social Services

Where is it possible to learn about child support payments?

An individual may learn about child support payments through the states social services departments. For example, The Oregon Department of Social Services provides all the guidelines and legal regulations on child support payments.

Who is the Minister of Social Services for Sri Lanka?

Felix Perera is the Minister of Social Services for Sri Lanka.

What is Cass Community Social Services's motto?

The motto of Cass Community Social Services is 'Fighting Poverty'.

What is the motto of Cass Community Social Services?

The motto of Cass Community Social Services is 'Creating Opportunity'.

What is the goal of the European social democracy?

to provide social services - apex

Can you sue social services?

Social services can only be sued if they didn't intervene in child endangerment/exploitation. For example: If a child was being abused mentally/physically or sexually and social services knew about it, but ignored it, then they can be sued.

Can you move out at seventeen if your parents are not considered safe and abusive?

Not without a court order. Contact social services if you do not feel safe at home.

What is Social Conscience?

Social Conscience help you decide right and wrong in the society.

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