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I own a 88 gt and am 6' 6" and think im a perfect fit because the seat sits right on the ground giving me enough room.

2007-07-28 16:18:35
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If a measurement is smaller does the percentage error increase or decrease?


Which is smaller increase in temperature a 5 degrees celsius or a 5 degrees Fahrenheit?

Fahrenheit degrees are smaller, so 5°F is a smaller increase than 5°C.

What would be a smaller increase in degrees 5 Celsius or 5 Fahrenheit?

5 Fahrenheit is a smaller increase of temperature than 5 Celsius.

Do sailboats have steering wheels?

In smaller vessels a rudder is used as a steering device. In larger vessels the wheel or helm is the apparatus by which the vessel is steered.

Is it possible to without changing pump speed liquid can be pumped at high pressure?

change to a smaller size line from the pump will increase the pressure the volume will stay constant.

What happens if your blood pressure cuff is too large?

I would suggest purchasing a smaller one or tighten it if possible. If not, I'm sure your local drug store could help you with taking your BP free of charge.

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A 5 degree Fahrenheit increase is less than a 5 degree Celsius increase

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If you're frustrated with the increase in health insurance premiums and fear you may have to drop your coverage, there is hope. Consider purchasing a plan from a smaller company. Large nationwide companies are often more expensive than smaller insurers. Do some research on policies available from smaller companies who cater to individuals who don't receive health care from their employers. You may find a policy with similar or slightly reduced coverage for a much lower premium. Affordable health plans do exist and with a little effort, you can find one that fits your needs.

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The surface area ratio will increase

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Mostly smaller fish.They eat smaller fish, and if possible, algae.

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pressure will increase

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They don't ... they get smaller with time.

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* Smaller Turning Radius * Better Straight Line Stability * Better High Speed Maneovers * Improved Corning Performance * Improved Steering Response

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Yes, it is possible, however changing tire size may effect your spedometer. The change of tire size to a smaller tire will decrease your ground clearance, although it will increase the torque to the wheels.

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the pupil gets smaller

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getting smaller

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The surface are decreases.

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No, that is not possible.

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If you are purchasing a new 08 Caravan, the smaller engine will be better on gas mileage.

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There are numerous amounts of methods to increase your metabolism. Eating breakfast and eating your meals earlier in the day is method that works well. Combined with eating smaller meals and getting plenty of exercise also helps to increase your metabolism.

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-- divide the larger number by the smaller one-- subtract '1' from the answer-- multiply what's left by 100You now have the percentage increase from the smaller number to the larger one.

How can i bypass the power steering pump in a 97 grand prix gtp when routing serpentine belt?

A smaller belt

Is a steering rack for a v6 vectra sri the same as an sri with smaller engine?

No. The PAS rack is different for the V6.