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Yes stress can cause your period to come late be extremely light or not even come at all especially when your stressing about the possibility of being pregnant your period always seems to come late.....

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 05:45:06
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Q: Is it possible for stress to change a woman's period?
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Can a womans period skip 1 month?

Yes, lots of woman skip. Stress, weight, and diet are all factors of if your period come. It is only if you skip about 3 months that you should ask a doctor.

Is it normal to spot two days before your period and have a 2-3 day period?

yes depending on age, stress and when it come it comes periods are a cycle of a womans life cycle. you just starting early.

How do you stroke a womans penis?

Only males have a penis. Therefore it is not possible to "stroke a womans penis".

What is a womens first period called?

A womans first period is referred to as menarche.

What is a womans period?

a bad bad week for a woman

Can smoking marajawana stop a womans period?

Not at all.

Does a womans menstrual cycle start the first day of bleeding?

Yes, a womans cycle is calculated from the first day of her period

What is ovulation bleeding?

Blood that is passed during a womans period

Cramps below a womans stomach?

you will most likely be getting your period.

What is the average length of a womans period?

The avage is 5-6 days

How do you determine a woman mestrual period with age?

a womans period should come at an average of every 28 days

Can a man pee up a womans vagina?

It is possible to do; but it should NOT be done.

Can a womans ovulation day change during her lifetime?

hon it can change every cycle

Is it possible to reach the bottom of a womans vagina?

If you are long enough you hit the cervix.

Can a man change his body part to womans body part?


Do womans voices change?

Yes, just like boys, but not as low.

Can one women start her period because others synchronized?

When you menstruate is determined by your menstrual cycle, a hormonal domino affect between your brain and reproductive organs. The idea that womens menstrual cycle synchronize is a myth, one womans menstrual cycle cannot change another womans menstrual cycles.

What begins on the first day of a womens last menstrual period?

The first day of a womans menstrual period is just that - the first day of menstruation.

What happens to a womans body if she does not ovulate?

The lining of the uterus breaks down as it normally would and she has her period

What were the most noteworthy features of the Battle of Vicksburg?

that not much blood was shed except for the womans period.

If a man has possible semen on his fingers and feels the womans virgina but doesnt go inside can she become pregnant?

It is possible but highly unlikely.

Can a girls get pregnant on her period?

No, a woman cannot get pregnant on her period as there is no egg present to fertilize. It is however possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation, if the womans cycle is short there may be fertile cervical mucus present during menstruation and thus sperm may survive long enough to still be around if she ovulate after her period.

How does a womans period work?

She bleeds out her vagine women have their period because their uterus is shedding its old lining. the blood is basically just dead skin cells

What happens when a man drinks a womans period blood?

He will grow breasts and become a vampire. Nothing else will satisfy him.

Will a home pregnancy test confirm pregnancy whilst having a period?

No. If you are having a period it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. There are some cases where womans keeps having period along the pregnancy. But it is very rare.