Is it possible for the cheating husband to feel hurt most?



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yes he screwed up.


It's a little more complicated than that. Some husbands can cheat and never flick an eye and don't care if their wife finds out or not while other husbands may be unhappy in their marriage. It's true that most men find it hard to communicate to their mates because it means confrontation. While they can deal with confrontation at work on a male level, they just don't often have what it takes to talk plain English to their mate and communicate their feelings. Humans make mistakes and you could be lucky enough to have a husband that strayed, felt guilty and is remorseful and may never do it again. That's something you are going to have to discuss with him and decide if he's worth staying with.

Good luck


No, he apparently isn't a man. If he felt that he did not want to be with the spouse, he should have been honest before cheating. The cheaters don't feel hurt, most don't feel guilt, that is until they get caught. Then their sorry and its too late. The person that your with should be honest with you at all times and before disrespecting you, tell you whats going on first.