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The dealer should be legally bound by the contract which the two of you entered into , a mutual agreement , unless there is an "escape clause" that the dealer can exercise as an option in the contract ; you would best consult an attorney regarding this matter .

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Q: Is it possible for the dealer to back out of a contract once you signed it and drove off the lot with dealer plate?
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Can you back out of a new car purchase?

Not if you signed the contract to purchase the vehicle, unless the dealer agrees to let you back out. If you have taken delivery of the vehicle and drove it off the lot it is now a used car and it belongs to you.

Can dealership back out of signed contract once approved financing and drove the car off lot?

after approved financing and signed contract, have had car 8 days, can a dealership take car back?

Is it possible to back out from a car contract once you signed it and drove it off the lot with dealer plate?

Doubtful. Ask the seller if you can back out. He may agree, but if he doesn't you more than likely own this car. Call your state Atty. General to see if your state has a cooling off period for cars, which I doubt.

If you signed contract on car but did not pay can you get out of contract?

Having worked for many years as the director of the finance department in an auto dealership, I can tell you with certainty that signing must accompany "delivery". That is, if you both signed AND drove off the lot -- OR -- signed AND had it delivered to your home, then you own it -- you might as well start paying the bill. If all you did was sign but never took delivery, then the dealer cannot legally force you to take the contract or vehicle. If the dealer attempts to "get funded" for the contract (get the money from the bank who is financing your vehicle), then all you have to do is simply call the bank and tell them you never took delivery of the vehicle -- they will pull the funding immediately. Furthermore, if the dealer is requiring you to sign another contract, this is illegal. You can re-sign if you want, but the first contract is legally binding (assuming you also took delivery).

You signed a contract for a used car and got it financed but never took the car out the lot nor insured the car is the contract still binded?

If you signed the contract, the car is yours. The dealer can have the car towed at your expense if you don't take it away. it depends on the laws of the state in which the sale took place. a deposit on a car for example is always 100% refundable. no matter what any payment given to the dealer prior to delivery, either to "hold" the car or for the downpayment and the contract wasnt signed all monies are 100% refundable. if the contract was signed and the customer never took the car off the lot then the each state has its own laws about money being refunded. if the customer signed a contract, insured the car and drove the car off the lot then the car is 100% the property of the customer. and unless specifically noted in the sales contract may not be returned. this is know in the car business as a "cooling off period"

Can you cancel a car purchase if you never drove it home?

No you cannot if you signed the contract and paid for the vehicle. The Buyer's Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

If you bought a new car and have only had if for 2 weeks with no payments made can you return it to the dealer will it affect your credit score?

You signed a contract and drove it. It is not new anymore. Returning it would be a voluntary repossession and you would probably owe several thousand dollars. Yes, it would hurt your credit.

Can a person cancel a used car purchase in Florida if the deal was signed at buyers home and he never drove off lot?

From my understanding of the law. You must have drive the car off the lot for a contract to be valid. This in "intent of delivery" However, if it was delivered to your home AND you signed the contract; this is also "intent of delivery". You bought a car.

You signed a contract for a new car and got it financed but never took the car out the lot nor insured the car is the contract still binded?

Depending on the state if you never actually drove the car off the lot the dealership cannot force you to complete the transaction

What kind of car did Dwight D. Eisenhower drive?

He drove a 1951 Packard that he bought new from a dealer in Texas

I signed a contract on a used car but never drove it off the car lot. The dealership had repairs to do and kept the car for a week. I since purchased a car elsewhere. Can I back out of the deal.-Ariz?

"Since you havent taken possesion of the vehicle the contract is void and noll." In response to the above: NOT TRUE IN WASHINGTON, regarless if you have taken possession, if you signed the contract, you may be required to pay a fee to cancel the contract, which is often in the thousands of dollars, depending on the dealer's stipulations and policy. Whether you take possession or not, you may be required to pay this fee, to cancel the remaining balance owed on the vehicle. Additonaly, even if you have not taken possession, do not be suprised if you wake up the next morning and find the car you are trying to avoid, sitting in your front lawn with the keys locked in it, complements of the dealership that wanted the car delivered, despite not wanting to proceed with the deal. This happened.

Can a buyer get a full refund on a purchase of a car if he or she never drove it off the car dealer's lot?

likely NOT without an attorney because once the dealer gets YOUR money in HIS hands, it just don't want to come out. ANSWER: In Texas, the DOT regulations state that the contract is set once it is signed and the car is in your posession. Posession is when you look over the car and tell what flaws you see to be fixed, and you sign the "all clear" statement. NOW it is yours. Once you sign that the car is good to go, and you drive away, so do any chances of you getting your money back.

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