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No this is impossible because you will not be pregnant 24 hours after intercourse. It takes in total 5 days for fertilization and conception to occur and for the embryo to form. At the earliest, pregnancy symptoms usually occur 14 days after conception but it can be earlier.

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Q: Is it possible for the effects of pregnancy to show up 24 hours after possible conception?
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How far along do you have to be in your pregnancy to get a positive pregnancy test?

can be as early as 10 days past conception, (5 days before period is due) conception normally happens within 24 hours after the sex.

Can you be pregnant without pregnancy hormone in urine?

No, pregnancy hormones are present in urine 6-7 hours after conception. Do not rely on only 1 pregnancy test, purchase 4 or 5 to be sure.

Is it possible to be spotting brown or bright red 5-6 days after conception?

yes its possible to have a pinkish or brownish spotting for a couple of hours to days around that time after conception,this is the implantation bleed

When is my real conception date?

conception typically occurs in 72 hours

What is the duration of Miss Conception?

The duration of Miss Conception is 1.57 hours.

How can you stop a pregnancy the day after conception?

Conception take place a few days after intercourse and you don't really know when. To prevent pregnancy after sex you can take the morning after pill up to 5 days/120 hours after but once you are pregnant only abortion will stop it. You then have to see a doctor for abortion.

How long does it take to know if you are pregnant or not?

Modern home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate and can detect the chemical markers for pregnancy about 6-12 days after conception. There are (more expensive, laboratory only) tests that are able to detect pregnancy as little as 48 hours after conception. If you're asking how long it takes to take the test ... not long at all, maybe 15 minutes.

Does a baby have a heartbeat after 24 hours of conception'?


Can you get a positive pregnancy test 6 days after sex?

Pregnancy tests, either the at-home tests or the bloodwork done at the doctor's office, measures the presence of the hormone hCG in your blood or urine. This hormone is released after conception. A home pregnancy test can detect the hormone 7-14 days after conception, depending on how sensitive the home pregnancy test is. They typically are 97-99% effective. The best time to take the test is first thing in the morning, or to wait several hours since the last time you've urinated. Drinking large amounts of water and frequent urination can cause the test to be inaccurate. Bloodwork done at the doctor's office is considered more accurate. It can detect pregnancy 7-12 days after conception.

How does it usually take for conception and fertilization?

72 hours to fertilize an egg

What is the duration of The Pregnancy Pact?

The duration of The Pregnancy Pact is 1.45 hours.

How far along do you have to be for a positive pregnancy test?

Depending on how sensitive the home pregnancy test is, some claim to detect pregnancy as early as 7-14 days after conception. The test measures the hormone hCG, which is released by the body after conception. For best results, take the test with the first morning urination, or wait several hours since the last time you've urinated. Drinking large amounts of water or frequent urination can create inaccurate results. Good luck!

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