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Yes. It could be a blown brake light fuse or a faulty brake light switch.

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Q: Is it possible for the tail light and signal light to be working properly and the brake lights not work at all on a 1999 ford escort ZX2?
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I have a 1997 ford escort sport When i turn on the head lights all interior lights go out?

How's your battery, is the car starting properly. Maybe the battery or alternator.

Why are side lights and dashboard illumination panel not working on Ford Escort?

It might just be the fuse is blown.

Your brake lights will not work on a 1994 ford escort you have already replaced bulbs and fuses?

Working brake lights are important for safety reasons while driving. It is important to check all of the wiring, if the brake lights are not working and the fuses and bulbs have been checked.

2000 escort How to fix running lights not working bulbs and fuse are good?

have u checked ur relays?

Why are your head lights dim on your 98 mustang gt?

Your alternator is not working properly

Your 2005 Chevy trailblazer's auto headlightrunning light system isn't working is it a fuse?

It is possible that a fuse blew if the auto headlight and running light system quit working on a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. It is also possible that the computer is not responding to the set-up mode for the lights to work properly.

Will escort car lights fit in an escort van?

Wrong page.

What is a possible cause for dash lights and tail lights not working on a 2001 Dodge 1500?

A blown fuse can cause the dashlights and taillights to stop working on a 2001 Dodge 1500.

How can one test that lights work properly?

The best way to test whether a light works properly is to turn it on. If it lights up, it is working. If it does not, check the power source and plug it into the wall or replace the batteries if necessary. If this does not fix the problem, try replacing the bulb.

What would cause a 1999 Lincoln Town car's brake and turn signal lights to quit working?

The lights wiring is grounded and you might want to check to see if the ground is connected properly to the frame.

To lower the risk of someone running into the rear of your vehicle what should i do?

check your brake lights often to make sure they are clean and working properly

What can it be if a Ford fiesta 1998 front and rear sidelights and dash lights are not working - not sure which fuse it is but am sure all are ok.?

the side lights would be fusedseparately so either if none of them are working and the fuses are ok it sounds like a faulty switch.but you would have to check for a 12v supply to the lights with a muilty meter to check it out properly

Signal lights not working?

signal lights not working.

Why does the oil light and battery light come on when you turn your key but not start the vehicle in your 1985 chevy caprice?

That is exactly what it is suppose to do. This allows you to check and see if the lights are working properly. If they did not come on and then go off when you start the engine, you would never know if the bulbs were working properly.

GMC JIMMY why are your dash tail and parking lights not working but the brake blinker and head lights work fine?

The GMC dash tail and parking lights are on a different fuse from the brake lights. Check the fuses for a possible blown fuse.

Why would the gear shift of a 1997 Escort not move out of park?

I'm having the same thing with my'93. So far I know its related to the brake lights not working. Its the shift inter-lock.

How to fix car lighting problems?

If a car's lights are not working properly, the fuses should be replaced. The light bulbs should also be replaced if needed.

Can i adjust the pilot light on my hot water heater?

Most pilot lights are not adjustable. If it's not working properly the usual solution is to change the thermocouple.

Your brakes lights on your 84 cadi Seville are not working the bulbs and fuse are good all other lights are working what can you do next?

Possible bad switch on the brake pedal? When you push on the brake pedal, it activates a switch, that switch turns on your brake lights. If the bulbs and fuses are ok, check the switch with an ohmeter.

What causes a flat car battery?

Using the electronics (lights, radio, cranking engine but not starting, etc) without charging the battery. If you charge your battery, the car starts and runs, but goes flat in a short amount of time, it's possible your alternator is not working properly.

Why is your lamp out light on your dash 2005 dodge 1500?

One of the exterior lights is not functioning properly.One of the exterior lights is not functioning properly.

Why are my brake lights out but my headlights and blinker work?

Nonfunctional Brake LightsOne possible cause of this issue is that the brake light switch is not adjusted properly, or the switch could be defective.

Why my headlight in my Chevy impala don't work properly?

Replace the light sensor, it is under dash, 22$ at auto zone, my head lights quit working at night, but brake ligjts & fog lights still worked

How to repair Toyota Avalon turning indicator repair?

What is the nature of the problem? e.g. one light doesn't flash. No lights flash. How many individual lights/bulbs does the vehicle have where you are having trouble? Are all other lights, stop, turn, tail, on that part of the vehicle working properly?

Is there a fuse for dashboard lights ford escort 1996?

Fuse should be marked and also control parking and tail lights