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Yes, you can get addicted to it in pill form so crushing it will not change this fact. Crushing the pills and snorting them may even exacerbate the problem. You should be advised that snorting medication designed to be taken orally is never a good idea. These drugs are designed to be gradually absorbed into your system not crushed and sent straight into your bloodstream. Taking serious chances like this with your health is never worth the short term high you might be getting from the misuse of this drug.

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Q: Is it possible for you to get addicted to the ADHD medication Concerta by snorting it?
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How do you smoke Concerta?

Smoking Concerta isn't possible. Concerta is methylphenidate in a special extended release capsule. This capsule covers the drug inside rendering abuse through snorting, injecting, and smoking impossible. The release is activated through the acids in the stomach.

Can yousort or smoke Concerta?

I don't know about the smoking, but I would not recommend snorting it. Concerta is specifically made to prevent abuse, and they made it so that if you try to snort it, it will turn to a glue in your nose. Nasty situation, and not worth it. Ritalin and Focalin are fine for snorting, though.

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What are the harmful effects of snorting Hydrocodone?

Snorting Hydrocodone (Vicodin), is not only harmful, but illegal. Medically speaking, Snorting any medication that was not designed to be snorted will damage nasal tissue and your sinus cavities. It can also damage the brain if prolonged use via "snorting" occurs. As an end result, you may lose your ability to smell.

Will snorting Paxil get you high?

No, it will actually do nothing at all. Paxil is an antidepressant. You will get the same effects from the medication as you would when you swallow it except snorting it can be 10x more dangerous. This can cause respiratory distress or even failure. Do NOT do this!

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Can you stop snorting adderall without having to quit the medication entirely?

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If Concerta is crushed and snorted will it have the same effect as snorting Adderall?

First of all, prescription drugs should never be crushed and snorted, especially those for ADD or ADHD. These medications are made to be absorbed over a long period of time and when you break them up, they release medication that was supposed to be relased over a 12 hour period. Think of is this way: how many beers would it take someone to stay drunk for 12 hours? A lot, right? Now what happens if someone drinks all of these in one hour? It is extremely easy to overdose this way. Concerta actually does NOT need to build up in your system. As stated above, it releases medicine for 12 hours, and is then out of your system. Concerta is a stimulant, so you don't really want that building up in your system. Concerta does work right away, just like rittalin. You can snort them but if they are time released they will hurt your nose. I've known people who have use vaporizers to smoke concerta, which would make it hit you even stronger than snorting it. Concerta and Adderal both inhibit some of the dopamine from being thrown away. Its the same type of buzz, but it is diffrent. For example You get hungry on Concerta but that doesnt happen on adderall. But in general its the same speeded up happy feeling. But dont sniff the whole pill peel of the outside layer then just sniff the white and pink part also you need to peel off the clear film from around the pill or it will be all gunky in your nose. DO THIS AT UR ON RISK.

Is it dangerous to snort phentermine hcl capsules?

Not only is it dangerous, it could be deadly. Anatomically, your nose is a direct passageway to your brain. Snorting this medication could lead to very serious complications. Phentermine is a oral medication and should only be taken orally (by mouth).

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