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Yes they can and do stick. I suggest that you take it to a certified repair shop as low heat is sometimes needed to remove it. To much and you melt the connection.


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You need to buy a Haynes Manual and it will have all the information you will need. They can be bought at parts houses.

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I am not exactly sure of what you are asking but there is not an evaporator valve. There is an evaporator core that resembles a radiator and there are not any parts that can stick. The only problem they have is leaking. There is an orfice that goes in the inlet to the evaporator and it has no moving parts.It can get stopped up and cause the high side pressure to get higher than normal.

In order to change the evaporator in Pt Cruiser, the entire dash has to be removed, then replace the evaporator, and reinstall the complete dash.

bye takin the pan and draining the oil

To what kind of car are you referring?

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at the metering device before the evaporator

The evaporator is the part on a vehicle with an air-conditioning system which causes the refrigerant liquid under pressure to change to gas.

You must remove the evaporator case from behind the glovebox and disassemble it. The expansion valve is mounted to the evaporator.

to change 2000 Chevy cavalier a/c evaporatorto fix it

Maybe one of these videos can help you:

Take your Chevrolet Uplander 2016 to a mechanic or refer to your user manual to change oil.

Drain the radiator down half way. At the engine end of the top radiator hose is the thermostat housing. Remove the hose and 2 retaining bolts and remove the thermostat. Clean the surface good and install the new thermostat. Refill the radiator.

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Yes, there is no reason you should not be able to change the oil by yourself in a 1996 Chevrolet S10.

If this question is asking whether all instances of a word (e.g. "Camero") could be changed to something else (e.g. "Camaro"), then, no. It's technically possible so it could be done, but it would not be easy.

Heat energy is absorbed in the course of the evaporator cycle.

how do you change the radiator in 96 chevrolet lumina

The Chevy V8s are pretty interchangeable. Just make sure that the year of the engine is the same as the vehicle you are putting it in. Also if the Camero wasn't a V8 to begin with, you will have a lot of electric work and a computer change to go with all of the other mods.

Mid 90's Jeeps have nearly a 100% failure rate in the A/C evaporator...if you have not changed the evaporator yet, it's almost certain it is bad. Compressors also go bad but not nearly as often as the evaporator.

There was no 1975 Chevrolet Celebrity made. What year do you actually have and which engine does it have?

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