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Q: Is it possible on cooking mama to get a very good when coating with bread crumbs if so how?
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How do you use bread crumbs for coating?

Dip the food you intend to coat with bread crumbs in a liquid such as milk, egg, or a mixture of both. Remove it from the liquid, allowing the excess liquid to drip off. Then roll it in the bread crumbs, coating the surface entirely.

How do you use panko bread crumbs?

You can use it to coat foods you plan to fry instead of regular bread crumbs or flour. It makes the coating extra crispy.

What is flour egg wash and bread crumbs the ingredients for?

Flour, egg wash, and breadcrumbs are the ingredients for a basic breading (coating) for fried food. The food is dipped into the flour, then the egg wash, then the bread crumbs to give it a crispy coating when fried.

How are panko bread crumbs different from regular bread crumbs?

Panko bread crumbs are different from regular bread crumbs because Panko bread crumbs are made from bread without crusts. Because of this, food coated with Panko bread is light and airy.

Can you use regular bread for bread crumbs?

Yes, they are both bread crumbs.

Is it possible to purchase whole wheat bread crumbs?

yes fifty cents

Where do bread crumbs originate?

Dried bread made into crumbs. Any bread will work.

Why use bread crumbs in vegetarian food manufacturing?

Why not? Bread crumbs added to recipes is a way to thicken, bulk up, or season many dishes. These reasons would also follow for vegetarian food manufacturing. Cooking is cooking, whether that be in your own kitchen or on a much larger factory scale.

Do bread crumbs spoil?

Yes they can. Just like whole loaves of bread and slices of bread, bread crumbs can expire.

What is the origin of bread crumbs?


How do you make buttered bread crumbs?

To make buttered bread crumbs, add just enough melted butter to the dry bread crumbs to get them barely wet.

How to cook frog legs?

The most common way to cook frog legs is to fry them. They are usually fried with a coating of some type such as bread crumbs.