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If you have history of being irrewgular it is quite possible to skip a period, but if you have been having unprotected sex you may be pregnant.

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Q: Is it possible or normal to just skip a month on your period if you aren't on birth control and you have a history of being irregular?
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Are late periods on birth control normal?

If you just started taking birth control your periods are going to be irregular for the first few months. But it is possible to still get pregnant on the pill.

Can you get pregnant if your cycle is not normal?

Yes it is possible to get pregnant with an irregular cycle.

You had your period for half a day and then it stopped Why?

There are a few reasons as to why you had your period for half a day and then it stopped. If your periods are just starting, it is normal for them to be irregular for a while. If you have irregular periods or are on hormonal birth control, this can also affect your periods. Lastly, if pregnancy could be possible, you should take a pregnancy test to rule that out as soon as possible.

What is found in an irregular galaxy?

a irregular Galaxy is not normal

Is it possible to have a normal lifestyle and still control my diabetes?

Unfortunately it is not possible to live a COMPLETELY normal life with diabetes. However, you can live an almost normal life. is a website dedicated to helping diabetics control their diabetes.

Is it normal to have severe cramping and irregular bleeding after you stop birth control?

ya you should go see someone as in a doctor

Can you be pregnant if your 2 days late and have no pregnancy symptoms?

Always possible but it's normal for some girls to have irregular periods.

Can stopping birth control cause irregular periods?

Yes it is possible to experience an irregular menstral cycle when you discontinue taking birth control. This is because when you take birth control it actually regulates your period. By stopping birth control you may experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is when you menstruate at times when you normally would not begin your menstral cycle. Breakthrough bleeding can possibly last for up to a full period or longer. Stopping birth control may also stop your period for a month or longer or you may not receive your period around the normal time of which you used to when you were taking your birth control.It depends sometimes you're period gets normal after birth control but sometimes it may still keep being irregular. It depends on the person and or pills

My daughter just started her periods and has been irregular Is this normal?

Yes! they can be irregular up until her twentys, many women have irregular periods to start with and it is perfectly normal.

What does irregular mean?

Not regular, or not normal.Something that is irregular doesn't have a repeating pattern; e.g. an irregular design.

How can you get a normal menstruation?

Birth control can help regulate your period, talk to your doctor about it. Mine was irregular and my doctor put me on it. it helps a lot!

If your on birth control and you dont have periods why would my vagina be bleeding?

all birth control methods apart fom condoms can cause irregular break through bleeding. it is normal

Is is normal to miss your period a month after stopping birth control?

Your first period after stopping birth control pills will normally arrive in 4-6 weeks. If your periods were irregular before you went on the pill, they're likely to return quickly to their previous irregular pattern.

Is it normal at first to have irregular periods?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to have irregular periods at first. Most girls worry about it at first, but there is no need.

Does the IUD cause irregular periods?

If you're using a hormonal IUD then yes, it can cause irregular bleeds. As hormonal birth control stops your menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation it can stop menstruation, instead you can experience withdrawal bleeds and it is normal for these to be a little irregular.

Is irregular periods normal in the first two weeks of using birth control?

Yes, and you might find them irregular in the first month. Your body has to get use to the hormones you are taking. The same thing will happen when you go off of them.

Can an IUD cause irregular period?

And IUD (or any hormone birth control) can cause irregular spotting, cramping or bleeding for up to three months when new. Upon insertion crampong and spotting is normal as well.

Is it normal to have brown discharge come from you if you have an irregular period?

yes it is normal to brown discharge come from you if you have an irregular periods or on the day you finish your period.

What is an adjective for irregular that starts with a d?

Irregular as "not regular" can have the synonyms disconnected or discontinuous. Irregular as "not normal" can have the synonyms deviant, different, divergent. Irregular as "not even" can have the synonym disproportionate.

How long til periods are normal after taking hormone meds?

After you stop the birth control pill, your cycles will return to their natural pattern within a couple of months. If your periods were irregular before you went on the pill, they're likely to be irregular after.

Is it normal to have an irregular period during the first month of taking birth control?

This could be a sign that your birth control pill isn't strong enough. Go see your provider to consider increasing the strength.

I'm 13 and have a very irregular period is that normal?

Yes, when you are younger, or just begining your cycle; it is very normal to have an irregular period. It is normal through all of your teens years as your body is constently changing.

Is it normal to not have a regular period?

When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month. When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month.

Is it normal to have a period that lasts 7 days and then 2 days later have another period your first month off birth control pills?

It's usually normal. Your periods can be irregular sometimes when starting birth control and when you first get off of it. It happens to a lot of people including me. I wouldn't worry they eill get back to normal.

Is it normal to not have a period for six months after not using the nuva ring?

No, it's not normal. If your periods were irregular before using the Nuva Ring, it is to be expected that they will return to their irregular habit. Anyone who's been three months without a period and is not using hormonal birth control should see her health care provider for an exam.