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Yes it's possible. There is only reason he knows he shouldn't and that's if he already has a girlfriend or he's married.

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Q: Is it possible that a guy will go as far as ignoring you because he has a crush on you and knows he shouldn't?
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Why did my crush randomly start ignoring me?

She probably doesn't like you

What to do when the boy who had a crush on you is now ignoring you?

this means he needs your attention,you also keep on ignoring him,then just wait and watch,he will beg you,down on his knees:)

What does it mean if you dream of your crush ignoring you like your not there?

This dreams seems to be an attempt by the dreamer's own mind to convince the dreamer that the crush is not interested in a relationship.

How do you ignore your crush?

The key to ignoring your crush is preoccupying yourself with other things when they're around. Instead of paying attention to them, focus on what you're doing at the time or try talking to a friend that's nearby. Also, it's good to try to find someone else to crush on as a distraction if you're ignoring your current crush in the first place.

How do you make your crush think you are not interested in her?

Tell her! ignoring her would make her want you more.. or get someone else to tell her

What should you do if your crush is ignoring you?

Go for a big LOOK AT ME! Trip in front of him/her, talk, smile, or just plain ask him/her why.

Is it possible to not have a crush on anyone?

Yes ! Many people do NOT have a crush/in love, with anyone!

I have a crush on my best friend but recently he has been ignoring me and being very mean so what should I do?

Just be cool. He may be ignoring you because he is busy with school and you are just internalized his being busy. If he is older than you his interests are changing and growing up. Keep it light with him and in the friend zone.

Are peach and mario boyfriend and girlfriend?

I would assume that he just has a crush on her. I mean, it is possible because he risks his life multiple times to save her, and she kisses him, but I think he just has a crush on her.

If you were to get swallowed by a snake a big one and you had a knife and you cut the snake from inside and get out alive is it possible?

no because crush you as well

Can you crush atoms?

It is this writers oppinion that you cannot crush an atom. Because it is the smallest part of any ellement it cannot be made smaller. I sugest that it would be absorbed into that object which is trying to crush it (If this were possible) causing a change in the objects structure.

Is it possible to not have a crush on someone?

course it is, at my school its certainly possible :P other times you just reach a point where you get over yourself and figure that a crush is a crush and you wont marry the guy or girl.

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