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It is possible if he finds you so breathtaking that may intimidate him from approaching you. So he might choose to avoid because he feels you are to good for him. But then again he may avoid you because he is not interested. You decide.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-04 20:30:30
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Q: Is it possible that a man may be attracted to you enough that he avoids you or doesn't talk much to you when he is around you?
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What does it mean when a guy you like avoids you and doesnt want to be around you?

He probably doesn't like you. If he calls or texts you alone, but avoids you around his friends, then perhaps he likes you but doesn't want to openly show that to people. Either way, he isn't worth it if he doesn't want to be around you in public.

How do you know if your boyfriend is mad at you?

if he avoids you and doesnt really want to do anything with you!

Is it possible to be straight in sex but gay in love?

I suppose, although that doesnt really make be gay means you are sexually attracted to the same sex.

What do you do if you tell him you love him and then he avoids you?

If your brave, ask him why he's avioding you and if he doesnt answer ask him if you can just be friends. HOPEFULLY you'll get a yes.

What does it mean when a woman you treated badly is now ignoring your phone calls and avoids you in person?

pretty much means that she doesnt like the MORON that mistreated her and doesnt want anything to do with him again

Does your boyfriend still love you even if he doesnt talk to you?

it means he doesnt love you.... or in other words hes attracted to someone else..

How do you know if a middle school guy is a player?

He goes out with more than 1 grl at a time A2 A middle schol guy is a player if he often avoids you and if he doesnt enjoy talking to you. when he is talking to yoou, try to see if he is looking around alot, if he doesnt look at your face hen your talking and if he is looking all around the room that can be a sign.

What does it mean for some guy to tell you hes spiritually attracted to you?

It means that his mind is attracted to you but his "body" is not there yet. Give him sometime and he will be fully attracted to you yes or it may mean he is already fully attracted to you if he doesnt think sex is unspiritual

What is the description of cleo?

Yes..she very much is attracted to her!! She just doesnt want you to know it!

Say a guy likes a girl and the girl knows that he likes her and she likes him back but she feels as if he doesnt like her because he avoids her constatnly and never talks to her...what should she do?

When the boy avoids a girl that is one sign that he likes that girl or he just might not want to be near her or in contact that is a sign that he likes you but he doesn't like to be around you every second or minute

What does it mean when a guy saids I remember you and blushes when you smile at him and goes around you area but doesnt say anything and you just met him 3 days ago?

This guy is most likely attracted to you.

Will a guys voice lower when he is attracted to you?

he might make it lower however it doesnt automatically happen...

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How do you see if a black girl likes you?

You will know if she\he acts weird around you and avoids you more than anyone else. And let her\him know the real you not some fake image you might give off. And color doesnt mess with the advice p.s. or if you have fried chicken

Is it possible to get pregnant when you wear a condom and he doesnt ejaculate at all?

Its probably about 0.0000000000000001% possible.

How do you tell if a girl is romantically attracted?

you can tell a girl is romantically attracted because she twists her hair....her laugh changes and she hardly doesnt talk...and if your on a date so will come dressed well and pretty!!!!

Can a 17 year old girl find a 15 year old boy attractive?

u r attracted to who u r attracted too u cant help that age doesnt matter...

When a guy you like hugs like almost every girl in the grade accept you why is that why doesnt he hug you?

its possible that its because he likes you or he doesnt like you at all. he may be too nervous to hug you because he likes you and has real feelings for you verses not having real feelings for the other girls. or, he doesnt like you at all and doesnt want to be anywhere near you. how does he act around you, if flirty and nice then probly the first one.. if he doesnt ever come around you, the second one most likely.

Does he know that you like him wiki answer personale because if he doesnt then you will never know if it would have worked out right?

well, if he avoids you or talks to you a lot, yes. If neither, than no. Just talk to him.

What does it mean when your ex avoids you but looks at you out of the corner of his eye when he doesnt think you are looking?

It's likely that he still has feelings for you, but is either trying his best to fight it, or just doesn't want you to know about it.

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Bisexuals are people who attracted to both male and female. Also romantic to the same sex. It doesnt matter to them. They feel comfortable with either sex

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