Is it possible that a person who displays many traits of a sociopath is not a sociopath at all?

Yes. It is referred to as a Sociopathic Style by Marion Trent, an advocate for victims of sociopaths, and had a website The idea is that some will mimic the behavior of style of a sociopath for a variety of reasons. There are some people who learn the style either by growing up with sociopathic family members and that's what they learned to be appropriate, or necessary for survival. Others assume the style to protect mental anguish and feelings of worthlessness by mimicking the style of a person who has no feelings (a sociopath has no ability to "feel.") There are many reasons why a person might resort to acquiring the style of a true sociopath. The label is the only thing that can be argued here because the person who is in the habit of practicing the style of a sociopath is doing the same amount of damage on a superficial level, and possibly at a very deep level -- depending on the degree of their emotional suppression -- but, if willing, can work to connect with the emotions that he/she actually has. The sociopath does not have them to begin with. In either case, the advice and healing process for victim of either is the same.