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Yes, ovulation can occur at any point in a woman's cycle.

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Q: Is it possible that first day after the menstruation of women can get pregnant?
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Is it possible that a women can be pregnant if she had intercourse 1 day after her menstruation?

Yes she can.

Is it possible to have menstruation after two weeks of menstruation?

Yes; it usually happens to girls shortly after they have gotten their first period, who are still going through puberty. Some women have irregular menstruation periods until they get pregnant.

Are women fertile after menstruation?

Immediately after menstruation it is possible to get pregnant. It is even possible to get pregnant during menstruation, though very very very unlikely. It is always possible for a woman to get pregnant as long as she has a healthy, pre-menopausal, post-pubescent, fully functioning uterus and is having sex with a man in a similar situation. However, women are more likely to get pregnant right before their period and less likely to unlikely to get pregnant during or after their period.

Do women menstruate even when they are pregnant?

Yes, Menstruation can also occur while pregnant, unless if she has menstruation disabilities.

Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

its possible. but its usually less likely. still can happen tho. i heard one day of the month u cant get pregnant.

What are the chances of pregnancy if your on your period?

Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

What if you have a period but think you or feel like your pregnancy and you have some of the signs of being pregnancy?

The first sign that can make a women suspect she's pregnant for the menstruation to stop.If menstruation still occurs, then you can't be pregnant

What is the percentage of women getting pregnant during periods?

The percentage of women getting pregnant during menstruation is exactly 0% - it's biologically impossible to get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present for sperm to fertilise. It is however possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as although there is no egg it is possible for a woman to have fertile quality cervical mucus present, this can allow sperm to live for up to a week and by that time she may have ovulated. There are no figures on how many women get pregnant this way, it would be impossible to keep track of those sort of figures.

What does it mean when menstruation stops for a month?

it means that either an individual women are pregnant,

Why does your menstruation stop when a woman is pregnant?

Menstruation is what happens when a woman doesn't get pregnant - after ovulation the uterine lining builds-up in preparation for possible pregnancy, if a woman doesn't get pregnant then menstruation occurs to shed the uterine lining so it can start fresh next cycle. During pregnancy the uterine lining is busy keeping the growing embryo/fetus safe, and women no longer ovulate.

Is wormwood safe for pregnant women?

No, as it promotes menstruation. It should also be avoided in breastfeeding.

Why do pregnant women not menstruate?

Menstruation is body getting rid of the egg. If the egg is fertilized, the woman is pregnant, the body will not get rid of it.

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