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Possible, but not likely for him to change on his own without serious counseling.

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Q: Is it possible that your ex abusive husband to change when he remarried and shows stable signs of not being abusive to his second wife?
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How can you disguise yourself from your abusive ex-husband?

First of all, if he's abusive, tell the police. Assault is a serious crime. Second, you can change your name and cut your hair off

What to do when your husband is abusive towards you and you want him to leave your house?

File for separation, and change the locks; if he makes trouble, call the police.

Can an abusive husband change his ways?

no they will stay the same because they know they can get AWAY with it i have been in the same place as u so i know

Can an abusive man really change so quickly?

It is possible, but in many cases this takes a lot more time and energy to say that you will stop. Usually most abusive people will not admit that they're being abusive, some people do. When you're abusive you may try to stop, and then it will just appear again, that you've done an abusive help. To ensure that a man is not abusive anymore, you should go see some kind of person for help.

Did oyinkan abayomi tell her husband moronfolu to change his name to that of her late husband?

Morunfolu was the name of the late husband. Sir Kofo Abayomi is the second husband. She might have told him that if he was going to marry her, he would have to change his name from Kofo John to Kofo Abayomi, quite possible.

How can a Christian wife be submissive to her husband who say he is a Christian but yet is verbally abusive to you?

#1. he is your husband and you need to respect him if he verbally abuseve then i would sugest to talk to him about it never hide things from your husband talk it over and if still does not listen then do something about it....and you know what i mean if he really loves you he will change

If a person abuses another will they do it again?

The best predictor of the future is the past, especially when it comes to abusive people. If someone has abusive habits or inclinations, they will most likely continue to have those traits. This is not to say that some abusers cannot change, because it is possible, but usually only with major intervention. So for most cases, abusive people usually continue to be abusive.

Did Helen Barbour change her name after she remarried?

It is not known if Helen Barbour changed her name after she remarried. There is not any information available on Helen Barbour or her life.

I am 74 1/2 and got remarried this weekend. How do I change my current name to my new married name?

I am 74 1/2 and got remarried this weekend. How do I change my current name to my new married name?

What type of woman does an emotionally abusive man seek?

An abusive man (emotional,physical, etc.) will seek insecure woman.Woman who are not independant. Someone to take care of their needs.And that is it, someone to satisfy their needs. An abusive man can not change, a woman can not change him. He has to change himself. He had to do it all alone, if he really wants to recover.I really wish all the ladies in abusive relationships strength. That is what they need to leave.

Your abuser ex husband can be change actitud when he remarried and be a good man?

yES; There is nothing you cannot cure yourself of when you ADMIT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. A man or woman CAN CHANGE with counseling, a lot of self discipline, and CONSTANT WORK. Yes, men AND women, with help and counseling, CAN remarry and correct themselves.

How can I change my deceased husband's conditions in his will?

You can't. He set the will and that is the way it is to be handled. It may be possible to convince a court that the conditions are onerous and get them waived.

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