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Yes. It is possible to add a co-signer (or co-borrower) on a refinance.

However, the co-signer should be fully informed that they will be equally responsible for paying the loan if the primary borrower fails to pay and they should also have an ownership interest in the property so they won't end up paying for property they do not own.

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Q: Is it possible to add a co-borrower or co-signer when refinancing a mortgage loan?
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Is it possible to get cash back on a mortgage refinance?

It is indeed possible but you should first determine if refinancing your mortgage will be favorable. You can then apply for a new mortgage after you have decided on the amount of cash that you need.

What are the dangers of refinancing a home mortgage?

There are many dangers of refinancing a home mortgage, one of the biggest ones is the possible loss of your home and going bankrupt. Meaning that one would lose all that they own.

Why is home mortgage refinancing such a growth business?

Home mortgage refinancing has become a big business due to the downturn in the economy. With the severe drop in interest rates, it is possible to save hundreds in monthly payments, as a result, a new industry is born.

Is it possible to change co signers when refinancing a mortgage loan?

Yes. You need to discuss it with the lender to determine if the proposed co signer qualifies.

What is required to refinance a mortgage for a manufactured home?

First, proof of ownership would be required. The owner should then discuss with the financial institution would what be involved with refinancing the mortgage and whether or not it is possible on the manufactured home.

Where is it possible to refinance a mortgage if you have bad credit?

There are a variety of companies that offer mortgage refinancing options to individuals with bad credit. Lending Tree, Quicken Loans, and Wells Fargo, for example, each offer this service.

Let a Home Refinance Calculator Show Your Possible Payments?

A home refinance calculator can show you your possible future payments after refinancing your home mortgage. By spreading out the amount you owe over a longer period of time, or obtaining a lower interest rate, you can often reduce your monthly payments. This extra money can be used to help plan for retirement, supplement your investments, or pay for your children's schooling. Because there are costs involved with refinancing your home mortgage, the calculator can also help you determine whether or not refinancing will benefit your particular home loan.

Understanding Jacksonville Mortgage Refinancing?

Mortgage refinancing is an option for many homeowners, including those who have homes financed with the Federal Housing Association. So-called "streamlining" options make it possible for homeowners to get no-cost refinancing from mortgage lenders by wrapping the actual cost into the new mortgage by adding extra percentage points to the interest rate. This method tends to add more cost to the overall loan than if the homeowner paid cash for their closing costs. Of course, "streamlining" options are only available if there is sufficient equity in the finance property. This means a fresh appraisal is necessary before the mortgage refinancing can go through. Other requirements for this type of loan include an original mortgage that is FH A insured. Also, any mortgage that is to be refinanced cannot be delinquent if it is to qualify. Finally this type of refinancing must lower the monthly payments made by the homeowner. One more thing: this type of mortgage refinance has no cash option. There are other mortgage refinancing options available for Jacksonville area residents. After all, not everyone has an FHA loan. As with regular mortgages and refinance mortgage can come with either a fixed or variable rate interest option. Those who plan to stay in their residence will likely find the fixed rate to be in their best financial interest. However, if the homeowner plans on moving within the next few years, a variable interest loan might be preferable. This is because that type of loan requires less total interest payments over the short term. Before refinancing a mortgage, a borrower should have an idea of why they want to refinance. One of the benefits of refinancing is the ability to arrange a lower monthly payment, assuming the borrower can find a better interest rate. When a more advantageous interest rate is not available, a Jacksonville mortgage refinancing opportunity can often reduce monthly payments by extending the loan over a longer period. Another benefit of refinancing is allowing the original mortgage to be paid off sooner. Paying off a mortgage as fast as possible is normally in a borrower's best interest. Another common reason homeowners will refinance is to switch from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage. A lots of borrowers choose this option so they don't have to worry all the time about interest rate fluctuations. Any homeowner who thinks that they may benefit from a refinanced mortgage should contact a Jackson mortgage refinancing specialist right away.

What are the possible benefits and drawbacks to refinancing your home?

The possible benefit of refinancing your home is that you might actually get some money from doing that. The possible drawback is you might not only lose mney, but your home.

Is It Time To Refinance?

The goal behind refinancing a mortgage is receive lower interest rates and to have the best lender possible. By following a few mortgage refinance tips a person can do just that. Knowing when to refinance is probably the most crucial part of successfully refinancing a mortgage. For some people refinancing proves to be beneficial, for others no matter when they choose to refinance it is not advantageous. To help a person decide if and when they should refinance they should consider the following: -How long they plan to live in the home -Whether or not the interest rate will be lower if they choose to refinance -How much the closing costs will be for financing their mortgage -How much equity they have built up in their mortgage -Deciding if they plan to do a cash-out refinance In most circumstances if a person does not intend on living in a home for more than a few years refinancing will probably not be beneficial.

What are the consequences if a cosigner on a car loan sells the car without the permission of the other cosigner?

Possible fraud charges.

Is there an auto refinancing calculator?

There are lots of different auto refinancing calculators. It is important to look at several of them in order to ensure you are being provided the best possible results.

Computing Your Savings With an FHA Refinance Calculator?

If you're considering refinancing your FHA mortgage, the first step to deciding if a refinance is right for you is computing the savings you might enjoy from such a move. An FHA refinance calculator enables you to accurately calculate the possible savings a refinance could offer. While you may believe that the difference between your current mortgage payment and a new mortgage payment after refinance will be all you need to know, an FHA refinance calculator lets you take into account all of the fees that are associated with refinancing. You'll get the big picture and be able to decide if you should refinance.

Where can someone find information on how to refinance home mortgages?

It is possible to find information on home mortgage refinancing through various media such as the internet (where a simple search of one's locale will yield many results. It is possible to scan through newspapers, magazines, mainstream advertisements and via bank representatives.

Can you refinance your home loan more than once?

Mortgage refinancing can be done more then once. When looking to refinance your home loan make sure the closing costs don't offset the possible saving of the lower interest rate offered.

Where can one look for refinancing interest rates?

To look for refinancing interest rates one can visit eHow website which offers great advice on the topic. One would also need to contact their lender to find out about the possible costs associated with refinancing.

How can one obtain a mortgage to buy a property in Bulgaria?

It is not possible to obtain a UK mortgage to purchase a property in Bulgaria. However, it is possible to obtain a mortgage in Bulgaria, by approaching a Bulgarian bank.

What steps must one take when refinancing a second mortgage?

To obtain a second mortgage you must apply for the loan just as you did for your first mortgage. You can apply with the same company as your first mortgage, or you can shop around, which is definitely recommended to ensure you are utilizing the best option possible, as loans have different rates and terms. This is considered a contractual lien against your home in the event you fail to keep up with the payments. If you are approved for the loan, you sign the contract, obtain the money and proceed with making monthly payments, or whatever you decide upon.

Where is it possible to get a no closing cost home mortgage?

It is possible to get a no closing cost home mortgage from many providers. An example of one of these is a mortgage from Nation Wide mortgages. There is more information about this on their website or on Ehow.

Is it possible to obtain a student loan without a cosigner?

It is possible to obtain a Student Loan without a Cosigner if you apply through a Government Loan Program. One such Program is the Stafford Loans. You do not need an Income or Credit History to receive a loan.

If the cosigner of your credit card files for bankruptcy will this effect your credit rating as well?

Yes. It's possible that the financial transaction that the cosigner was involved with (liable for) might also be affected.

Can a 17 year old get a student loan without a cosigner?

Not possible as the applicant is a minor.

Where is it possible to get a loan for auto refinancing?

Loans for auto refinancing are available at banks and credit unions, depending upon an individual's credit rating, automobile that is being re-financed, and credit history.

What lenders in VA offer refinancing options?

There are several lenders that offer refinancing in Virginia. One possible online option is a company called VA Loans. They offer affordable prices for refinancing. Another option is through Bank of America, which can be taken care of either online or in a bank.

Where is it possible to get a debt consolidation mortgage?

You can get a debt consolidation mortgage from mortgage brokers, commercial mortgage bankers, commercial banks, credit companies, online lenders, savings and loan associations.