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Some gay people say they have known since the time they were young that they were "different" while other's suspected, weren't sure and didn't decide until they were older. I think you are too young to make such a serious decision. You aren't old enough to decide if you like your own sex or the opposite sex and haven't had much experience in this area. Growing up in your teens is a difficult time on and off, and that's because you are growing and maturing. Hormones are racing all over the place; teenagers are testing their emotions to the limits while trying to keep up and please their peers. Also, there is heavy studying for good grades, etc. It's a real load on small shoulders.

NEVER let the same sex talk you into believing you are a lesbian. Also, never let anyone (male/female) talk you into any sexual act you are not ready for.

For now, please take your time and don't worry so much about the fact you could be a lesbian. Take it slow and easy, and try going out with other guys when you are a bit older and you'll soon find out.

Please believe me when I say you are too young to make this decision and just because you aren't interested in guys right now is quite normal for your age. Some girls at 12 are boy crazy, and other girls aren't. Doesn't make them lesbians. I can remember when I was your age looking at boys and being curious about them and even giggling about them to a couple of my girlfriends, but didn't care too much for them at the time. As I got into my teens I became more aware of boys and of course, at 15 had my first date.

Give yourself time to reach your mid teens and you'll have your answer. Whatever way you decide to go in your life during your mid teens be true to yourself.


A:Of course it is possible to know that you are a lesbian when you are 12 years old. Girls go through puberty a lot sooner than boys and that is the time when everyone begins to realize and explore what they feel and want in a relationship and sexually. Being a Lesbian myself I can tell you FOR SURE that it is something you are BORN with NO ONE gay or straight can "turn you" tell you that you are or are not. I don't know if you were asking this question for yourself or someone you know. Either way don't worry it is incredibly possible to know. You know what color eyes you have when you are 12 don't you? it is no different. being gay or straight is just another part of you. never let anyone judge it or tell you that you don't know who you are. YOU are the only one who can tell YOU that. There is nothing wrong with being who you are no matter what that means. You are born being who you are - always remember " God DOES NOT make mistakes!-ever. A:since I was 4 I used to dream about my girl classmates - I remember! - that we were girlfriends, it was so cute.

About what Marcy said:

I am still saying it is possible to know who you are..

I thought the tone of that answer from Marcy was a bit demeaning to your age. Maybe she forgets what it was when she was 12 but I do not. I am sure some of your opinions will change over the years and maybe what you find attractive in a person, but one thing won't and that's your sexual orientation, it is not a choice as marcy put it, And further more I thought it sounded like she was trying to tell you that you are straight like her you just don't want a date yet?? that's crazy, don't worry about it, you will be who you were made to be don't be hard on yourself or pressure yourself into doing what other people think is right or normal if its not right and normal for you, just be you and that's all anyone can ask of you, good luck with things. you will be just fine

A:Yes. You are born into a lesbian state, you don't become lesbian. It doesn't matter what age you are, you're just straight or gay. A:Of course! Being gay at 12 is not a bad thing you are born like that and nobody can change your mind about what you are. Some people won't understand that your born with it therefore them people are jerks. A:well i had a girlfriend at 8 we used to kiss and snog and touch and look and do stuff i dont know whether i am but im 10 and im almost certain i am so if your 12 and your sure your not strait maybe try being bi its better than being certain ur gay
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Q: Is it possible to be a lesbian if you are only 12 years old?
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