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Yes, but ONLY if the generator is electrically modified and upgraded to accept the 4 prong plug.

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Q: Is it possible to be able to plug a 4 prong twist and lock into a 3 prong twist and lock generator?
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Four prong generator male to a 4 prong female then go to a 110 volt house current?

I,m going to bypass the generator and plug into the house for my race car trailor. Once I pull the plug from the gewnerator I will have a four prong male need to plug into a for prong female then be able to plug into a house socket.

You are wanting to power your RV with your generator The RV uses 30 amp 3 prong your generator plug that is 30 amp is 4 prong Can you do this?

Go to this site and tell me what configurations you have and I might be able to help you.

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How do you connect a 4 prong generator twist and lock and 4 wire cable to a 3 prong transfer sw receptacle?

The four blade receptacle that is on your generator has the ability to to generate 120/240 volts. This is what your house voltage is 120/240. To take advantage of the generators output you should be considering using a four wire installation to the transfer switch. By only using a three wire you will only be able to supply either 120 volts or 240 volts but not both. Depending on the amperage configuration of the generator receptacle the top blade hole should be the neutral, bottom blade hole the ground and across the left and right blade holes 240 volts or left to top 120 volts and right to top 120 volts.

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How to turn a generator to standby?

When turning a generator to a standby operations mode, there is often a switch on the generator. By turning the switch on and off, you should be able to use the generator should the power turn off and resume electricity which may have been interrupted

Why do you need a storage fuel tanks for a standby Generator?

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