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Is it possible to be in love with someone you cannot stand to be around?

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Oddly enough yes! I have known people that love each other and argue all the time and actually look like they hate each other and tell my husband and I they can't stand the person. Some couples are rough around the edges and show no signs of loving each other, but that doesn't mean they don't and often when the chips are down they watch each other's backs. Sometimes a woman may like a man more than she thinks when he teases her or "takes over" and although annoyed inwardly (completely confusing her) she likes it, yet is very gun-shy of it because she knows she should be independent and is concerned about having her identity taken away completely. The same goes for men. Some men love a feisty woman that is from the old pioneer stock and basically not afraid of anything, yet, deep inside they could resent the fact they feel weak around this woman (the men are totally confused as well.) Love is knowing no matter how much you argue, disagree, call each other names, you do know that you will be there 100% for each other and you both feel you can conquer anything the world has to dish out to you. Be careful though, because along with this sort of strange relationship must come respect and loyalty.

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