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yes it is possible, but with every instance of sexual intercourse there is a possibilty you could contract HIV.

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How come when testing for hiv with your patner and your patner test positive and you test negative?

It is possible to have sex with an hiv positive person without contracting hiv. You could have sex many times with an hiv positive person and get very lucky and not contract the virus. However, maybe the next time you have sex, you may get unlucky and become infected.

Can a hiv negative man marry a hiv positive woman and remain negative?

With proper precaution's, it is possible.

What is the difference between being HIV positive and HIV negative?

If you are HIV positive, then you have the HIV virus. If you are HIV negative then you do not have the HIV virus.

What is the difference between HIV negative and HIV positive?

Patients who are HIV positive have the HIV virus. Patients who are HIV negative do not have the HIV virus, or have been infected so recently that the test is not yet positive.

Is HIV positive good or bad?

It is better to be HIV negative than HIV positive. An HIV positive person is infected with HIV.

How do HIV-positive and HIV-negative differ?

HIV-positive means you are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV-negative means that you are not infected with the HIV.

Can you test positive for HIV if partner tests negative?

Yes, it is possible, but not very likely.

Is it possible to contract hiv from a sexual partner who is tested negative?

It is possible to have a false negative HIV test, particuarly early in infection with HIV. If a partner has a true negative HIV test, it's not possible to get HIV from them.

Is it possible to get false-positive or false-negative when testing HIV?

Yes. Both are quite possible.

Can HIV negative women have a HIV negative baby with HIV positive man?

If the mother does not contract HIV from the man, her baby will not get HIV from her.

If you are HIV positive is there a way you can do to test negative for a job?

It would be almost impossible to test negative if a person is HIV positive.

What is the difference between HIV negative and HIV postive?

A person who is HIV positive has HIV. A person who is HIV negative does not have HIV or is early enough in the course of infection that the test is still negative.

Can a HIV positive person have a HIV negative child?

Yes they can.

Can HIV be transmitted if you swallow the semen of someone who is HIV negative?

No. You can only catch HIV from someome who is HIV positive. HIV negative = does not carry HIV, can't infect anyone else. HIV positive = does carry HIV, and can infect other people.

Can a Hiv positive and Hiv negative give birth to a negative baby?

Yes, it's possible for a baby to be born without HIV even if one parent has HIV. Medications and other preventive measures can help deliver a healthy baby.

Is HIV gram-stain positive or negative?

The answer to whether HIV gram-stain positive or negative is that HIV gram-stain is negative. They retain the light red or pink color after the stain.

Is HIV gram stain positive or negative?

HIV is a virus, not a bacterium, so it's neither gram positive nor negative.

Can you test negative for chlamydia if you have HIV?

Yes; a HIV positive person can test negative for chlamydia.

Can one be hiv positive and the other 2 be not hiv positive?

Yes; it is possible.

Can you be hiv positive after six negative test and 17 years after exposure?

No; you would not be HIV positive.

What are the underling root causes of HIV?

The underling root of HIV is direct sex. When a person is HIV positive and another person is HIV negative and they have direct sex, the HIV moves into the HIV negative person and the HIV is now positive in both of the persons.

Can a person test positive for HIV then the second test negative?

that is not possible, unless first test negative then second positive. The reason being: if one contracts HIV it takes a certain period of time (window period) for its presence to be detected. So, when one has tested positive to HIV, it remains that way as there is no cure.

Can you get Ivf if the woman is HIV positive and man is HIV negative?

Yes you can.

Is sifundo thwani HIV positive?

Sifundo Thwani is HIV Negative.

Can HIV positive later become HIV negative?

Only if the first HIV test was false positive can the test results change.

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