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Yes, It would depend how pregnant your are as the hormones which the test looks for build up gradually, you dont say how late your period is, but no period can be due to many things, poor diet, certain contraception, stress etc. If you think your pregnant or could be I would suggest booking an appointment with your doctor or family planning clinic to find out for definate.

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Q: Is it possible to be pg no period and 3 tests came back neg?
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If your period is 10 days late but 10 urine tests all came back negative is pregnancy still possible?

Yes, because blood tests detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests do.

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative but I still feel pregnant?

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative, but I still feel pregnant, but haven't missed a period yet?

I am 3 days late on my period 5 tests came back neg Is it possible to get pregnant right before your period and now it is too soon to have a pos test?

i think its too early to take hpt , try after 1 week you get accurate one.

What are the chances you are pregnant if a blood test you took before your period was due came back negative but you still have not had your period and now have other symptoms?

Blood tests aren

Does it mean your pregnant if i had my period 2 days and i took 2 tests that came back positive and 2 that came back negative?

I advise you go see your doctor. But you can't be pregnant if you are still menstruating.

You are two weeks late on your period but you have had 3 pregnancy tests that came back negative does that mean you are pregnant?

i think that you should try going to a gp are you stressed

You took a pregnancy a day before your period and it came back negative Does that mean im really not pregnant?

Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, but being that it was negative and you got your period, I'd say you are definitely not pregnant.

What if your period went off and the sperm is inside you and your period came back on?

What do you mean exactly? If you mean you finish your period and then got sperm inside you and your period came back it means your pregnancy was a failure

Could you still be pregnant if the blood test came back negative after having 5 positive urine tests?

Yes, it is always possible that laboratory tests have false or misread results. If a test comes back with results that seem to oppose that other tests have said, it is a good idea to run a second set to verify their accuracy.

What if your period never came back on after sex it was spotting here and there but not a period?

you might be pregnant

You took a pregnancy test and it came up invalid does this mean that you are pregnant?

i stopped taking my birth control and now i havent had my period in six weeks, i had sex six weeks ago. i took three pregnancy tests and they came back invalid

Your fiance came inside of you a week before your period and now period is late can it be that im pregnant?

It"s possible

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