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It is possible, but you should take a test or go see a doctor so you know for sure one way or the other. It doesn't usually happen without any symptoms, but it can. And if you are having a period, then you most likely aren't pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2004-04-10 10:16:59
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Q: Is it possible to be pregnant and not be experiencing any symptoms like breast soreness?
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Is it possible to be pregnant if experiencing light nausea and darkening around the nipples with some soreness but your period is not due for six days?

It is possible but it's just as possible that your symptoms are caused by your approaching period.

Can you get pregnant after 10 years with your tubes tied?

Aftr 11 yrs I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms, is it possible? Its possible. See your doctor.

When you have an IUD but experience growth and soreness of breasts and creamy white discharge can you be pregnant?

If you're experiencing these "symptoms" you've been prego for a while... Good luck finding the father now...

What symptoms should you be experiencing at three months pregnant?

Morning sickness, weird cravings. There are no set symptoms you should be experiencing hun. It is different in every pregnant woman. :-)

Could you be experiencing premenstrual asthma symptoms but still be pregnant?

You can experience PMS symptoms and be pregnant yes. But if you get your period then you aren't pregnant.

What is experiencing symptoms of pregnancy when you're not pregnant?

It is called a Phantom pregnancy.

If a girl is experiencing a menstruation symptoms she can be pregnant?

Could be, most likely it is PMS.

6 weeks pregnant and no sac in the ultrasound?

well you may had a miscarriage or you are not pregnant and are experiencing the symptoms i am truly sorry

Is it possible to be pregnant and have no symptoms of pregnancy?


Can you be pregnant and not have the symptoms of pregnancy?

it is possible

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


Can you be pregnant if you were eight days late but have all the pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to be pregnant. Symptoms can appear at any time.

Is it possible to have no symptoms and a normal period if you're pregnant?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to be pregnant for 6 months and have no symptoms?


If one is experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms such as tender breasts and cramping could they be pregnant?


It has only been a week and two days and my girlfriend is experiencing symptoms could this be a sign that she is pregnant?


Its been almost 3 years on the implanon and I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

If a person becomes pregnant while using Implanon, there is a higher risk that they could have an ectopic pregnancy. If you're having pregnancy symptoms, you should call your doctor as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing serious lower back pain after a bad night of sleep and now have bad diarrhea could you be pregnant?

This doesn't sound pregnancy related. You need to see your Doctor as soon as possible about your symptoms.

If you had a lite period for a day than it turn into a heavy flow can you be pregnant?

It may be possible, however it's not likely. Periods tend to be a little irregular. It depends on whether you are experiencing other symptoms of pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant if there is milk leaking out of your breast and how far along could you be?

You may not be pregnant. Some women that either wish to be or think they are can start experiencing symptoms of pregnancy.

Can You be pregnant if you are experiencing regular period symptoms?

Yes you can have a normal period and still be pregnant. The only for sure way to know if you are pregnant is hearing the babies heart beat. See a Dr.

What other diagnostic is there that have the same symptoms as that being pregnant?

It depends on what symptoms you are experiencing exactly. Your Doctor is the best person to talk to as they can perform different tests to determine what is wrong.

If you have a missed period and are experiencing unknown symptoms could you be pregnant?

my suggestion is to take a test or see your doctor if any question.

What are the symptoms for a sprained ankle?

There is usally soreness, and swelling.

Your abdomen is bloated can you be pregnant?

Unlikely if you have no other symptoms, but still possible