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Yes, I think it is possible.

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โˆ™ 2004-04-05 09:39:07
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Q: Is it possible to be pregnant and not see any differences in cervical fluid from the start of ovulation and after?
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Are you pregnant when cervical mucus stops a day after ovulation?

No, you often get excess cervical mucus when you are pregnant anyway

If your cervical mucus starts breaking down after ovulation is that a good sign you are not pregnant?

Cervical mucus is clear and runny just before ovulation and becomes thick and white after ovulation.

Is ovulation the only time you can get pregnant?

Sperm can live up to 5 days in a healthy setting (good quality cervical mucus) but without ovulation you cannot get pregnant.

Is it possible to be pregnant and have cervical cancer?

It is possible, although not recommended.

Is this possible to get pregnant after 20 days from ovulation?

Yes it is possible

Is it not possible to get pregnant the second day of ovulation?

yes it is possible

Can pregnancy be possible if you are about one week to ovulation?

there is a possibility of pregnancy anytime you have sex. you can get pregnant before during or after ovulation. ovulation just increases your chances. and yes it is possible to get pregnant on your period.

If you have intercourse 9 days after ovulation can you get pregnant?

It is possible .

Why do you have egg-white cervical mucus?

Women have egg-white cervical mucus due to ovulation. This is a sign that the woman is fertile and it is a better chance to get pregnant.

How many days after ovulation will cervical mucous dry up?

I believe it is 16 days if not you may be pregnant.

Your ovulation was this week and you are nauseated can you be pregnant?

Nausea is a symptom of pregnancy. And if you missed your ovulation then yes, it is possible.

Could one get pregnant while on period and is ovulation possible after getting pregnant?

Very unlikely.

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