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HCG doubles about every other day, so if you get your period, chances are you are not pregnant. Not True. Many women can testify upon having a PERIOD while being pregnant. Some can testify upon having a PERIOD all 9 months of her pregnancy.

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Q: Is it possible to be pregnant but have such a low HCG count that your body still has AF?
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If you are pregnant can your body still act as though im about to start your period?

yes, you can. because it is still possible to get your period when you are pregnant.

If my blood was brown then red can i still be pregnant?

If your blood was brown, that is old blood the body is expelling. If your blood has turned red, it is possible you are still pregnant, but you need to see a doctor.

Is it possible to test positive for pregnancy two weeks after giving birth without being pregnant?

Yes, it is because your hormonal level is still high, and your body thinks its still pregnant.

Do women get prengent during their period?

It can be possible but is very uncommon. If the egg is still present in the body then yes they could still become pregnant but if it has come out of the body at the start of the period then you cant.

Is it possible to get pregnant if my husband was cuming outside of my body?


Is it possible to get pregnant after intercorse on the first day of period?

Yes, even if you have sexual intercourse During your period you can still get pregnant. Because all your body is doing, is releasing the unfertilized eggs out of your body, and letting the new ones be put into place.

If a girl has sex and has her period the next day can she still be pregnant?

Sperm can live inside your body for up to seven days so yes it is possible.

Is it possible to become pregnant again when hcg is still present in your body?

yes it is very possible to get pregnant while your hcg level is present , simply because you are fertile very quickly after chilsd brith and the hormone takesv a while to leave your system

Why do some men get pregnant?

Men don't get pregnant, they haven't got the required body parts for it. There has been a female-to-male transgender who became pregnant, but that person had still kept the uterus etc - which someone born male - wouldn't have, which was what made that possible.

Is it possible to have a baby before you have your period?

No! Your body simply ain't ready to be pregnant.

Is it normal to have a period while you are pregnant?

it is not normal but it's possible when i thought i was pregnant i got my period and it was heavy i know tmi but the next month i did not get it the thing is that your body is not use to the change yet and it still wants to have your period oh and i forgot to add it turned out that i was 1 and a half months pregnant It is not very common but it is possible, and also normal!

Can you become pregnant with a partial hysterectomy?

It is possible. In most modern hysterectomies, the ovaries are left inside the body. This equates to a partial hysterectomy. The ovaries can still release their eggs, and it's possible (albeit rare) that a pregnancy can occur.

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