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Yes. If you think this is the case, talk to a doctor, and get an ultrasound.

Anymore than 3 months into the pregnancy, and chances are, if there was one, it would have burst the fallopian tube already.

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Can someone have twins with only one fallopian tube?

Yes.. I'm 25 weeks pregnant with twins and I have only one tube...

Does test tube baby can produce two twins baby boys?

Yes, there are twins (baby boys) born in america..! Hence it can be done..!

After ligation it is possible to be pregnant again?

After ligation tube cut and burned theirs a possible to get pregnant

You want to get pregnant but your husband has already had a vasectomy what other ways is that possible?

You can have a remedial operation to Vasectomy. OR You can try for a test tube baby.

Can a woman get pregnant if both ovaries are removed?

i think you can get pregnant by test tube baby method

Can a baby be born by growing in a tube?

No, however it is possible to start the baby growing in a tube but it has to be transferred to a mother's womb to develop and be born.

Is it possible to jump 7oinches in the air?

You test tube baby

Is it possible to have test tube baby after cutting fallopian tubes?


Is pregnancy possible if only right fallopian tube is functional?

Yes, you can get pregnant with just one tube. Having one tube decreases fertility, but not by half.

Can a tube baby live Can a tube baby live?

can a tube baby live

Is it save to get pregnant after tube tied?

Not possible unless you have your tubes untied...which is costly and dangerous!

Is it possible to set sex of baby by test tube?

I believe you meant to ask is it possible to know the sex of a baby conceived by inviro fertilization also called test tube baby. Of course like a normal baby a test tube baby too has xx or xy chromosomes and the sex can be determined actively while the fetus is growing. Also like a normal baby ultrasonograph can reveal the sex of the child.

Is it possible for your tube tied to have a baby?

Yes. It would require invitro fertilization.

Is it possible to get pregnant when your tubes have been tied since 2000?

Can you get Pregnant with only one tube one ovary and being tied?

What precaution one has to take while carrying a test tube baby?

There are no special precautions when pregnant with a baby conceived through in vitro fertilization.

What r the chances of getting pregnant if you lost a fallopian tube?

It is still very possible to become pregnant after losing a fallopian tube. I personally had a tubal pregnancy and lost my whole right tube, and became pregnant 2 times after that. My aunt also had the same thing and had 4 kids afterwards.

Is it possible to become pregnant after an ectopic pregnant?

Yes it is possible, because say for example, you had an ectopic pregnancy in one fallopian tube, then you could still have a pregnancy in the uterus or another ectopic pregnancy in the other fallopian tube or somewhere else because the other fallopian tube is still carrying the egg down to the uterus.

Why can't a male become pregnant?

Sperms alone can not make a baby and there is no eggs or fallopian tube for fertilization to occur and also no uterus where the placenta and the baby would be.

Is it possible to have a baby in the womb and in the tube?

Yes, very painful though . Most of the time results in c section because of the position of the baby .

Can a woman get pregnant after tube tied?

Actually 1 in 200 women will become pregnant after having their tubes tied. I, myself, experienced this. So, yes it is possible.

Is it possible to get pregnant after the egg release in the fallopian tube?

Yes. You can only get pregnant after the egg is released. The sperm can't fertilize the egg before the egg is released.

Formation of test tube baby?

what are the procudures of the formation of test tube baby?

If Test tube baby is available in Philippines?

which hospital have test tube baby?

If i got my tubes tied and there going to take out one tube can you get pregnant?

No Because You Wont ave Enough Tubes To Have The Support For Your Baby.

Is test tube baby procedure painful?

is test tube baby is procedure is painful?