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It is possible to teach these subjects in college with only a master's degree. Getting a full-time tenure-track job with only a master's is far less likely. It would only happen if you had a really impressive track record with publications or other professional achievements. Exception: someone with an MFA (master of fine arts) in creative writing can get a tenure-track job in creative writing, but only with significant publications. The problem last time I was in the job market for this type of job is that Ph.D.'s are a dime a dozen these days: there are more of them than there are jobs, so they wind up doing scut work. This was true in the late 90's. I've only worked adjunct since then, and switched to high school teaching as my main income, so I don't know what might have changed.

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Q: Is it possible to become a college-level English or Communications professor without a doctorate?
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