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you might be lacking something in your immune system that makes you want to eat flower so you should talk to your doctor it's some nutrient in flour your body is missing so you should see your doctor so he can tell you what to eat so you can stop eating flour and eat the right foods to replace the urgency of eating flour. It will stop when you find out what the supplement of flour you need and you want go through a withdrawl you have to tell your mind that you just think you need the flour it's not the flour you need.


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Yes its possible. You can become addicted to all varieties of pain killers. If you suspect you may be addicted, speak to your doctor.

This sounds possible but uncommon. You can become addicted to anything.

absolutely and unconditionally no. not possible.

The arguments for marijuana being physically addictive are very weak at best. The more probable explanation is that people can become psychologically addicted and think they need it. Unlike physical addiction, marijuana has no "come down" or withdrawal symptoms.

Because their body has become accustomed and addicted to the drug, and depends on it. Withdrawal is like the body saying you need the drug, but it stops after your body can function without it.

insomnia, diarrhea, involuntary leg movements, u can become physically addicted to the drug so withdrawal follows.

Zero. It is possible to become addicted rapidly if alcohol is consumed regularly in large quantities, but not that fast.

Physical withdrawal symptoms are the bodily reactions that occur when the brain is suddenly deprived of a substance to which it has become habituated or addicted. Physical withdrawal is generally the relatively short and intense early stage of withdrawal, and it can be evidenced by anything from acute physical and emotional discomfort to sweating, nausea and vomiting to convulsions, hallucinations and even death.

yes you can become addicted to ibuprofen as it is a painkiller

Yes you can become addicted to smokeless tobacco

Anyone can become addicted to the internet if they have a void to fill in their lives.

If they have not yet become addicted, they are alcohol abusers. After they are addicted, they are alcohol addicts or alcoholics. The principal constituents of addiction are a compulsion to use, rather than choice, and unpleasant effects when trying to stop, known as withdrawal.

Drugs do not have the ability to become addicted

Yes it is in fact possible to become addicted to video games. If you think you have a problem, you may want to get some assistance.

It depends; you become addicted to the game if you really like it and want to keep playing, but you don't become addicted in general

This varies person to person. Some could become addicted this first time, other may never become addicted. There is no set number.

Depends on your body. Some people get addicted quite easily, but some don't. For example a pack of cigarettes will be enough for one person to become addicted, and for other months are needed to become addicted (like me :D ).

People become addicted to sex if they have too much of it or if they have too little they seek for it until they become addicted. Try having sex maybe once or twice a week.

Anyone who smokes is likely to get addicted to it.

Become addicted to marijuana yourself.

Not addicted like to drugs, but we all find something that we enjoy doing more than others when it comes to sex. If it is what you like and it is not interfering with the rest of your life, there is no problem.

Yes and no. Same idea, different situation, obviously. When you're addicted to the Internet, it is possible to go through "withdrawal" when you're not on it, just like you would if you're addicted to smoking and suddenly quit. The only difference is, addiction to the Internet is purely mental, while cigarette addiction is mental as well as physical. Signs you might be addicted to the Internet include: -Thinking about it virtually non-stop when you're not on it -Irritability when unable to use it -Putting the Internet in front of other important tasks, other people, or even your own needs (example: knowing you have to go out and find a job but you dont because you just "cant" get offline). -Inability or unwillingness to sign offline -Staying online even if you're exhausted/starving And just like with smoking, you cant stop using even though you are aware it's harming you. It's possible to become addicted to almost anything you find pleasurable, though. If you think about it, everyone is addicted to something.

You can become addicted to Benadryl or any other medication that makes you feel better or relieves your symptoms.

You can go blind with too much TV You can become to addicted to TV Once you are addicted to TV you will become fat*(no offense) *You become fat because you are lazy and will start to eat more as you become addicted

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