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anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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Can you call a group of girls guys?

well youcan not do it because the ywont like it

Why do you girls call boys baby?

because guys call girls babe

Why do boys call girls sister all the time?

Most guys don't it must be just the group you know. Though a lot of guys call other guys bro because that just means they're friends.

What do you call a girls' gay male friend?

You can call them "dude" because that for girls and guys!

Do guys like it when girls call them babe or baby?

no, well most guys dont, normally cos it wats guys calls girls but personally i never call someone baby or babe

If guys call girls or Girlfriends shawty what do the girls call the guys or Boyfriends?

You would call them by their names and tell them if they can't show some respect, you'll have to find new friends.

Is it true that guys just call girls confusing because they are sad that they do not have the special qualities of girls?

Neither. To guys girls are confusing. Just as to girls, guys are confusing. Guys and girls come at problems and situations from different directions, using different processes.

What do you call a guy that like guys and girls?

Bisexual. The same word applies to a girl that likes both girls and guys.

How many girls play Call of Duty?

there are more badass girls playing call of duty than there are guys in Canada!

Why don't guys call girls?

guys can't understand us so they just don't

Why do most guys call girls hot but not beautiful?

Guys do not know what beautiful is. But god does he thinks that girls are beautiful in anyway shape or form...

Are girls or guys better?

It all depends on personality, you can't say girls or guys are better on a whole because everybody is different.Everyone will have their own opinion about girls or guys being better. The truth is that you can't lump a large group like guys or girls together and say which group is the best. There are good guys and bad guys and there are good girls and bad girls. Guys are better at some things and girls are better at others. It's like comparing apples and oranges; however, here are some opinions:Guys because they are strong, athletic, sweet, hot , and nice hair like jb

Why do guys call girls shorty?

its an American nickname for girls. they would say it if they liked a girl.

What does it mean if guys call girls packed?

They are usually referring to their breasts.

Why do guys call girls fat?

Only the crude ones do to be hurtful.

Why don't girls ask guys out?

Actually, girls ask out guys more than you think. It's half the time that girls ask guys out. The other half is guys asking girls out. But.. i think girls like guys asking them out because it makes them feel special that the guy likes them. And it is possible that she likes them back. They just don't wanna be embarrassed when they ask guys out and they say no. girls get worked up about all that.

Do girls call boys?

No. Boys always have't to call you! Besides if you do, it is not lady- like! Yes of caorse it is normal to call him! Girls call guys all the time. Good Luck!

Why is the masculine and feminine words in french?

You mean what are they...... for one guy you say Il for one girl you say Elle for a group for girls you say Elles for a group of girls with only one or more guys in it you would say Ils for just a group of guys you would say Ils For a group of guys with one girl you would still say Ils

Why do guys call girls shawties?

Because all the rappers say it. "Shawtay!"

Do guys get annoyed if you like him and he likes you but he never calls and you call him?

i am a guy i have never been in a relationship but i wouldn't get annoyed, i mean who says girls can't call guys

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