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It is possible; however, from a Human Resource Manager's standpoint, I would not recommend it. Discussing medical treatments / medical conditions - unless they affect your ability to perform a job on an ongoing basis - will reveal information that could be perceived to be used as discriminatory. Hope this helped. If not, please email me. :)

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Which website is good for getting insurance in Mexico?

Mexico mike is the best website to get insurance because he has had experiance with different insurance companys. On his website he was listed 3 good insurance companys for you to try out.

Can a policyowner change the universal life cost of insurance rates?

no its set by the insurance companys

Where can you get a list of insurance companies?

You could contact your states dept. of insurance, they will have a list of all the companys that can sell insurance in your state.

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What companys offer car breakdown cover?

AAA is one of the most popular companys that offer coverage for your car if it breaks down, but many insurance companies also may include coverage in your insurance policy.

Where can you find insurance for your small business?

You could find insurance for your small business by going on a website that compare insurance from different insurance companys and give you the best deal.

Do you need extra homeowners insurance to have horses?

Yes you do. Most insurance companys don't like you to have more then 4 horses.

What is membership in Health care insurance?

Most group (insurance you get thru your employer) health companys/policy refer to their insureds as 'members'.

Does the insurance cover the bariatric surgery costs?

Some insurance companys will cover most of it some will not . I qwould check with several companys about their own requirments on it . Companies that cover more of the surgery will cost you more , but may be worth it in the long run.

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Lincoln insurance is cheaper than some insurance companies like All State and State Farm but not as cheap as USAA. USAA has the best and cheapest insurance.

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Yes you can get insurance quotes online. Lucky for you is that almost all of the insurance quotes for different companys they are free! Other wise they cost alot of money.

Why do you want to tax medsuplys for the eldery and give it back to the insurance companys?

I dont want to, promise.

Will all mortgage companys make you have homeowners insurance?

Yep, pretty much all of em do.

How long should you have to wait for repairs to your vehicle when the other driver was at fault?

Its all up to the insurance companys.

Where can I buy Homeowners coverage after being turned down by two Insurance Companys?

Yep, keep looking.

What is physicians mutual insurance companys address?

2600 dodge street omaha ne 68131-2671

Where can I apply for cheap renters insurance?

There are manys places to apply for cheap renters insurance. It all depends on what companys are closest to your location. If you have a different form of insurance already, you can go through your insurance company. If not, State Farm.

Is my insurance and driving record affected if i have an at fault accident while driving a friend's car?

yes. it goes on your record and insurance companys look at you record from time to time

If you receive a ticket in Georgia for 83 mph in a 70 mph zone will this affect your insurance rates?

It might if your carrier finds out about it. Most insurance companys (after the inital policy has been written), will rule 'clues' or driving records periodically on their insureds. If that happens and your ticket is found, it might affect your rates, and it might not, it will depend on your companys underwriting rules, if you are worried about it call your companys policy services dept and ask them.

Can you compare car insurance with multiple companys at once?

Yes, you can get an agent that can help you compare car insurance for you. You can also find websites that can compare car insurances companies for you for free

How do you learn about pet insurance online?

I would sugest you visit comparethemarket. it will compare many pet insurance companys and narrow them down to provide you the best one accorded to your preference.

Can you have two car insurance companys in different states?

Why would you want to have such? It is illegal to collect twice on an auto accident. Your insurance is based on where you live and I think that would be in one state.

Can insurance companys determine dictate the company to do repairs to your property?

They can't tell you who to hire, but they can decline or reject a contractors bid.

How many people run red lights every year?

enough to keep the insurance companys working filling out claims