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Is it possible to chug a gallon of milk in under one hour and not throw up?

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Drinking a Gallon of Milk in Under an HourIt is possible not to throw up, but I would imagine that you would feel really sick. I have seen it done at one sitting (about two minutes) and he vomited after about 3/4 of the jug. If they space it out about 1 litre every 15 minutes some people might be able to handle it. Added to AnswerMost people can not handle that volume of lactose at once. This is why without fail, everyone I have ever seen try this (and we did do this as a weekly challenge when I was in college) pretty much lost it no matter their size or motivation. Particularly sorry after the event were those attempting it on whole milk (not even to mention the poor ba***rd who tried a gallon of chocolate milk)

If you are being challenged to do this, you can probably do it if 1) you supply your own milk and buy the lactose free kind (switch it into a regular milk jug) and 2) take some lactaid before the attempt.

Generally I would say don't try it. But I know how college people are so if that's your situation, good luck and keep the garbage can nearby.

I drank a gallon and a quarter in less than half an hour without realising it was a feat. It was easy and I didn't feel sick. The only reason I did it was because mum bought a massive box of those milk flavouring straws that I love. I was only 7 then. So I don't see why people think its impossible.

During a Sunday School class, my high school son drank a gallon of milk and part of another gallon while eating exactly 13 and one half donuts. He then sang on the praise team during our worship service with absolutely no ill effects. He is a legend!

2012-04-12 23:31:27
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