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If you use fine grit wet sand paper and sand them down the take a high cycle buffer with some buffing compound it will make them clear as they was when it was new. I have done it many of times I detail headlights at used car dealerships and have done a bunch of Neon's. Order a Headlight Restoration Kits. This stuff really works and without power tools or removing the headlight. I own a 98 Dodge neon, and like every 94-99 neon my headlights where very yellow. You can buy new stock headlights from Autozone or a dodge dealer, but they eventually will turn yellow as well. The best bet of replacing them is with after market "diamond" lights. These are made out of clear plastic/glass that wont turn with age. You may also clean them. To do this just take rubbing compound and cover the lens with it. Then take an electric angle grinder or sander with a buffing wheel and buff and buff and buff. They will come out sparkling. Water helps the process. This will have to be done every few months to keep them clear. Yes you can clean them. There are many products on the market for cleaning and polishing headlight lens. I personally use a fine grip sandpaper and tooth paste it works faster and easier like 15 minutes to clean both they look like new This is a common problem. Your best bet, and the easiest, is to replace the headlights. We found brand new headlamps for ours on Ebay (the cheapest that we found). Just make sure that they come with gaskets or you can buy them separately also on Ebay at a very low cost.

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Q: Is it possible to clean or replace the headlight lens which are turning yellow on a 95 Neon?
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