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Is it possible to connect a PC monitor to a VCR?

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There are several ways to hook a vcr up to a PC monitor, but most of them depend on the outputs of the vcr and inputs and other features of the monitor. The easiest and usually cheapest way is to buy a tv tuner for your PC. These tuners cost from $20-$200. Another way is to use a vga box which will de-interlace the vcr input and upscale the rez for the monitor. If your vcr has rca component out and the moniter supports sync on green then you could use a straight through component to vga adapter. Also some older monitors as well as fairly expensive new ones may have some type of rca or s-video input.

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How to connect your PC to view on other PC monitor?

by line connection

Can you use a tv screen as a monitor?

yes that is possible but you need a graphics card for your pc and connect through the svideo socket

How do you connect ps2 to a PC monitor?

You do not . The PS2 was designed to be connected to a TV not a computer monitor

How do you hook a ps2 to your PC to play on monitor?

You connect a PS2 to a TV not a computer monitor.

Is it possible to connect xbox 360 and PC at a same time to one lcd monitor?

I have a Sony HDTV that could connect a PC to and use as a PC monitor and also could have a PS3 or a Xbox 360 connected with the HDMI connections. So it is possible in that way, but the HDTV would not let the Console and PC operate on the same monitor at the same time. I believe the new internet TV from Sony would allow the split screen operation of internet and console at the same time, but that is only the internet function and not a complete PC.

How do you connect the PC to the playstation 3 using HDMI wire?

The HDMI Cable on the PS3 is not to connect a PC, but a HDTV. That is also what the HDMI plug on the PC is so it can connect to a HDTV Monitor

Can a bad monitor freeze your PC?

no. not possible.

Can you play Xbox 360 games on your PC monitor?

Yes it is possible to play your xbox 360 on a PC monitor.

What is the purpose of a monitor cable?

Monitor cables are used to connect computer monitors to the PC tower. Without monitor cables, you would not be able to see anything on your screen from the PC.

Is it possible to connect a ps2 to a PC?


How do you connect PC to LCD?

You connect this the same way as any other type of monitor, but it may be that your PC only has a VGA port, while the monitor has a DVI port, or Vice Versa. You will have to look for an adapter

Function of serial port in computer?

A serial port is where you connect the monitor to the PC this allows you to view what you are doing on the monitor

Can micromax x250 connect with computer?

Its Not Possible to connect x250 to PC.

How do you connect computer to tv to watch video from PC?

I.m trying to connect a vcr to my pc, I'm trying to copy some old tape to cd, what type of cable I should used and do I need a software. Thank you.

How to connect set top box to PC monitor?

you need vga to rca cable

How do you connect my LG 20M38H-B monitor to my PC with HDMI Cable?

My LG 20M38H-B Monitor can not work with HDMI cable with my PC but work VGA port Properly.

Can the HP Mini VGA Monitor Cable be used to connect your PC to a television?

Yes if you Tv is modern so it had the right monitor port.

How do you connect a PC to a laptop using the laptop as a monitor?

Some stores offer products that connect the information from the PC onto the laptop using a cable and some adjustments to the configurations on your computer.

Can a normal computer monitor older type be used as a monitor for a DVD player or a PS2?

No it will not work because the PC monitor is connected to the computer for it to work and it does not work by itself. A PC Monitor is not a TV and it takes a TV to be able to connect a PS2 or a DVD Player and watch it

How do you change the resolution on your hp monitor if it does not turn on?

you have to connect the moniter to another system and the resolution should be reduced from that system and can connect it back to your PC

What port is used to connect a notebook PC to a bigger separate monitor?

The port that you use to connect a notebook PC to a bigger and separate monitor will depend on your devices and the cable that you are using. You can use the DVI port, HDMI port, DisplayPort, or the VGA port depending on the device and cable.

How to connect a projector to PC?

Connect the VGA monitor out on the PC to the VGA input on the projector. If your projector does not have a VGA or DVI input, the resolution of the projector is probably not high enough to adequately display the screen of a computer.

Does the ION VCR 2 PC with USB Connection come with a remote control?

The ION VCR 2 PC with USB Connection does not come with a remote control.

How do you connect cctv camera to PC monitor?

Most PC monitors use VGA (DVI is also popular - you can easily convert VGA to DVI with a simple adapter). Most CCTV camera systems are BNC - all you need to connect your CCTV camera to a regular PC monitor is a BNC to VGA adapter. They can be had for anywhere between ~$40-70.

How do you set up a Dazzle DVD recorder to go with VCR?

You'll need your DDVDR, a VCR with video/audio out or s-video out, a pc(maybe a mac), and an AV cable. Connect the cable to the DDVDR and the VCR, then plug DDVDR into computer. Install necessary software and drivers, insert a tape, and you're finished!

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