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Anything is possible but this is not feasable as it will cost too much. Trade cars.

Both feasible and easy to do. Just locate a donor car in a junkyard and get the transmission, flywheel, clutch cable, and clutch pedal assembly. Then remove your automatic and bolt all the manual stuff in. At most you will have to cut a hole in the floor for the Standard transmission shifter. If you have mechanical experience and another car to drive while yours is down then have at it, otherwise find someone that does have some experience and supply them with the parts needed.

its possible just you're gonna have to take your time cause you're gonna have to swap your ecu with a prelude that was an automatic and you will have change alot of things like you master cylinder will not be needed the clutch paddle and of course the tranny wouldn't be needed either but your best is to just buy a new car cause its gonna cost you out the tail just to swap it from manual to automatic

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Q: Is it possible to convert a 1988 Honda Prelude 2.0 si from a manual to an automatic transmission?
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Why the hell would you want to?

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Yes, by removing the manual transmission and installing an automatic. Unless you have a donor car this would be extremely expensive. My advice is that if you want an A/T sell the car you have and then buy one with an automatic.

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how much you got??????????????

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You must be kidding!!! Sell this car and buy an automatic.

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Purchase a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

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its possible to do anythign, as long as you wanna put the work into it.. if its the same motor its easier...make sure you do all the pedals, and you will have to swap the computer too

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Converting from the stock auto to the stock AX15 tranny is no problem. It uses the same mounts and everything.

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