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That's got to be one hell of a car for you to want to do that! I cant think of anything that you can do to a car that is more expensive and involved. Besides I don't think it's all together illegal to drive a right hand car in the US, I see some classics around that are rh drive and mail carriers' jeeps are that way.

ya tis possible.....but u need a lot f car knowledge n abt mechanisms

its not so much the work, the work could be done... just takes time and a little bit of knowledge but the hard part will be getting it to pass EMISSIONS!!! Unless you are in Florida or one of the other few states without an inspection you are pretty much screwed

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Is it possible to convert the headlights in a 2002 Audi A4 from Right hand drive to left hand drive?

Everything is POSSIBLE...but do they want to change? Dave

Is it possible to convert a right hand drive Saab 93 to left hand drive?

Anything is possible but the cost incurred would not be worth the effort.

Is it possible to convert a Toyota FJ cruiser from left hand drive to right hand drive?

it is possible, there are companies who are specialised in doing this, doubt you can DIY, because there are no counterpart RHD parts for that car [i think]

Does Japan drive on the left or right?

In Japan, one drives on the left side of the road.

Is it possible to convert a 1997 Chevrolet cheyenne 1500 left hand drive to right hand drive?

Yeah, it's possible, but u would need an expertly trained prof to do it and it would cost like tons of money Ps i have no idea who would do it 4 u

How much does it cost to convert a right hand drive car to a left hand drive car?

$5.05 indeedly

How much would it cost to convert a left hand drive car to a right hand drive?

Depends on the vehicle and where you live.

How do you convert a right side drive Nissan Silvia to left side drive?

You really dont. Its possible but that would require MAJOR modifications and custom interior panel fabrication (if its not a track car). In other words unless you had a boat load of money and a specific need for doing that, trying to convert that would be pointless.

What side of the road do you drive on in San Marino?

They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.They drive on the right.

Can you drive a right hand drive car in Vietnam?

Yes it is possible to drive a right hand drive car in Vietnam. One must obtain permission from the Ministry of Transport in order to do so.

Which side of the road do you drive in Japan?

In Japan, cars are driven on the left side of the road and have the driver's seat and steering wheel on their right side.

Can you convert a jag x type 2002 to Right Hand Drive in Australia?

yes you can. it must be done by a licensed engineer and will cost lots. you can buy a right hand drive jag in Australia

Can you convert a left hand drive challenger to right hand drive?

It can be done, but it very well could be more hassle than it's worth.

Can you convert a two wheel drive transmission to a four wheel drive transmission for a 99 durango 4x4?

The transmission has nothing to do with the 4wd system and there is nothing to convert. Just install the transmission and you will be good to go if you have the right transmission.

Did Japan ever drive on the right side?

From 194 to 1972, when Okinawa was under American control, that island drove on the right. Other than that, no.

What side of the car do Japanese cars have the steering wheel on?

In Japan people drive on the left with the steering wheel on the right.

How can you convert an MBR style disk to GPT?

In Windows Vista or newer operating systems:# Right-click Computer in the Start Menu and then select Manage. # Select Disk Management in the left column. # Right-click the MBR drive you want to convert to GPT and then click Convert to GPT Disk. Note: If the drive contains partitions you must first delete these before converting it to GPT.

Can you register your UK right hand drive car in romania?

Yes, it is legally possible but I don't recommend.

Is the peugeot 206 car right or left hand drive?

Whether a car is right or left hand drive is dependent on in what country it will be sold. If it is sold in England, Australia, Japan or other countries where one drives on the left side of the road then the car is right-hand-drive. If the car is sold in most of the other countries on Earth then the car would be left-hand-drive as they drive on the right side of the road. So you can see, whether a car is right or left-hand-drive is dependent on the country in which it is sold, not the make or model of car.

How do you put password in the thumb drive?

It is possible to use password protection on a thumb drive. Bring up the thumb drive in the My Computer window. Right click on the thumb drive, then go to properties. Under properties, a password can be set.

What side of the road do people drive on in Norway?

The right side (like most places except UK, Japan and a few other countries)

What side of the road do you drive on in Asia?

Most are in the left Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Laos. On the right is The Philippines, Korea, and China

What are the similarities between Japan and Jamaica?

Jamaica and japan starts with jBoth countries are islands that enjoys nightlife and diverse fashion. Japan is Jamaica's largest consumer of reggae/dancehall music and blue mountain coffee, both countries drive on the left-side of the road which suits right-hand drive cars best, thus why more than 75% of automobiles are exported from Japan.

Can you put your own dvds on itunes without a converter? not possible 2.Use converter to convert DVDs to the right format. I recommend you the DVD to iPad converter:

Why does UK drive on the left?

The whole world used to drive on the left (even Mediæval knights rode on the left at tournaments) and I think it was Napoleon who hated the British and decided that France would drive on the right. As his armies poured across Europe they took driving on the right with them. Sweden held out until about 1967 and then they started driving on the right. Japan, Australia and New Zealand all still drive on the left.