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is it possible to do multiprogramming with only one partition

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Q: Is it possible to do multiprogramming with only one partition of the memory?
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What is Monoprogramming and multiprogramming?

monoprogramming is when the memory can only process one program at a time were multiprogramming is when the memory can process more than one program

What is fixed partition memory?

The first attempt to allow for multiprogramming used fixed partitions (also called static partitions) within the main memory-one partition for each job. Because the size of each partition was designated when the system was powered on, each partition could only be reconfigured when the computer system was shut down, reconfigured, and restarted. Thus, once the system was in operation the partition sizes remained static.

How many partitions can a Windows XP do?

Wen you are talking about Partitions, you aren't talking about Windows, you are talking about the HDD(Hard Drive Disk). this is a "thing" on the HDD, not Windows. theoretically, you can have as many Partitions as you would like, provided you have the memory for it. Lets say you make a partition that is 5GB, and you install Windows XP on that Partition. Also, your HDD is 57GB. Windows cannot use any memory outside of that Partition. This means that, although you have a 57GB HDD, Windows can only use the 5GB you assigned it. A Partition is sort of like an HDD on an HDD. It can become very confusing. I hope tis helps.

What are advantages of multiprogramming over non multiprogramming?

Multiprogramming is the rapid switching of the CPU between multiple processes in memory. It is done only when the currently running process requests I/O, or terminates. It was commonly used to keep the CPU busy while one or more processes are doing I/O. It is now mostly superceded by multitasking, in which processes also lose the CPU when their time quantum expires. Multiprogramming makes efficient use of the CPU by overlapping the demands for the CPU and its I/O devices from various users. It attempts to increase CPU utilization by always having something for the CPU to execute. The prime reason for multiprogramming is to give the CPU something to do while waiting for I/O to complete. If there is no DMA, the CPU is fully occupied doing I/O, so there is nothing to be gained (at least in terms of CPU utilization) by multiprogramming.

What does C D ROM or read only memory mean?

CD stands for compact disc. ROM means it is not possible to write to the disc/memory. CD stands for compact disc. ROM means it is not possible to write to the disc/memory.

What can only be created using the free space inside an extended partition?

Logical Partition

How do restore the computer back to the factory pont?

When the computer is booting up, press F11 and Ctrl over and over. That takes you to a screen that can guide you from there You cant restore every computer. It has to have recovery partition. And F11 and CTRL only works for Dell (I could be wrong, that's from memory) whereas Acer is CTRL/ALT F10 (again that's from memory). Different maker's use different key combinations, you will have to do a bit of googling. And again, this will only work *if* you have a recovery partition.

Is it possible to have a memory problem in which the only thing you forget about is people but not places or things?

yeah i have had serious memory problems and i don't do drugs and im not old i only remember certain things but not people

Did Tom Riddle die in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Tom Riddle was only a memory, he couldn't die but the memory (and Horcrux that made it possible for him to appear) was destroyed.

What is a swap partition in Linux?

When you run out of memory, some of the data is stored in SWAP, so memory can be used for something else. Also, some files might be saved to swap, so it takes less time to find and read them. And when you hibernate your PC, the contents of RAM get saved onto the SWAP partition, but this only works when your SWAP is larger than amount of your RAM and amount of SWAP already used combined.

What are the two types of ROM?

PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory) PROM (programable read only memory) EPROM (eraseable programable read only memory)

When we say a system is a multiprogramming system?

Multiprogramming is collecting several jobs in a job pool and the OS selects the job from the pool so that the CPU has one job to execute , in case of any IO request for the job in execution the CPU switches to another job here switching is less compared to multitasking.So a computer system which allows such type of switching in between jobs is called a multiprogramming system. Please make note that multitasking is done by user but multiprogramming is done by operating system only.

What is the main reason the default location of the paging file is the boot partition?

Because many systems only have one partition.

What happens when you partition a hard drive?

There is nothing much that happens when you partition a hard drive. You only create different segments with the main partition hosting the operating system and other relevant software.

What happens to all information in a partition if you delete the partition?

The information is technically still there. When a partition is "deleted", only the flags that indicate where it stops and starts are removed. The flags can be put back, and the files will be accessible, just as they were before.

Is minitool partition wizard a windows partition manager for free?

Yes, the Home Edition is free but anything up from there is purchase only.

What is the minimum number of partition that Windows allow?

Windows will only require 1 partition to run, so the minimum would be 1

How do you increase memory of laptop video cards?

Short answer - You don't. The memory on a video card is set and can only be changed by replacing the current card with a better one. Unfortunately, that also is not possible on laptops.

What is the disadvantages of CD rom?

Can NOT read anything but Compact Disk Read Only Memory. Difficulty in updating. Once CD-Roms have been produced/burnt it is not possible to update them. This may mean that they can become dated relatively quickly. Less memory compared DVD.

What is the maximum number of logical drives that can exist within a single extended partition?

Only limited by the availability of free space in the extended partition.

What are different types partition?

There are two types of partitions:Primary partition: A primary partition is used to store (and boot) an operating system. You can store user data and applications here, as well. You can have up to four (4) primary partitions on one hard disk drive (HDD) at one time, but only one of those four can be labeled as an active partition (look below).Active partition: An active partition is a partition that has an operating system installed on it and is used to boot your machine. If you have one primary partition, then it's labeled as "active." If you have more than one primary partition, then only one of them is labeled as "active" in a single PC session.

Do all dynamic disk have only one partition in them?


How much memory in a commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 was equipped with 64 kilobytes (KB) or 65536 bytes of memory (64*1024). It was possible to expand this memory with a memory expansion plugged in the back although the 6510 CPU could only address 64 kb so these had methods for copying data up and down from the memory expansion to the system memory.

What is read only memory?

Read Only Memory or ROM, is a type of memory that normally can only be read. As opposed to Random Access Memory or RAM, which can be both read and written.

What is difference between multi tasking and multiprogramming?

MultiTasking:In MultiTasking operating system, several jobs are executed in parallel by the operating system, through multiple processors (or) CPUs only.Like .CPU1: Job-ACPU2: Job-BCPU3: Job-CMultiprogramming :The method of Multiprogramming systems comes in the 1960s. In that process several different programs in batch were loaded in the computer memory, and the first one began to run. One program after another executed when the first program reached an instruction waiting for a device that has a message, the context of this program was stored away, and the second program in memory was given a chance to run. The process continued until all programs finished running.By :