Is it possible to double major and minor at the same time?


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2013-04-14 19:31:35
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My college roommate did, and she did it in four years, including a semester abroad in Japan. (English Lit and Theatre majors, Japanese minor.) I think it would depend on your school, but I can't see why any school wouldn't let you. They might require you to take another semester or something. Ask your advisor or read the front of your course catalog carefully.
Yes, it is. I am doing it right now; I have majors in physics and mathematics with a minor in biology. I ended up having to take 3 summer courses, 1 overload (21 credit) semester, and 18 credit semesters the whole time to get the requirements, but I am going to graduate 4 years. It really depends on how much effort you plan on putting into your schoolwork, because you wont be partying much if you choose to do this.


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I don't see why not, but it would certainly be a lot of work.

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Yes, but neither key is often used. They will usually be replaced by A major and F# minor, which sound the same.

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F# minor is relative to A major, so Gb minor is essentially the same, although they're probably looking for B double flat major or something useless like that.

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A parallel Major/minor is a major and minor key that has the same letter name. Example: C Major an c minor.

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