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I can tell you how to down load past info put this web site sell a data logger that will record future infomation.

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CAN you download wind haven on the computer?

not possible

Where is it possible to download a calendar onto your computer for free?

You can download a free calendar from . Choose any calendar template, modify it as you need and download it to your computer.

Is it possible to download and make a start up disc for my computer from another computer?

Yes just download to a disk like you would if you were to start your computer by disk, and just put it in the other computer.

I-tunes on a dell computer?

I-tunes is free to download. You can go to and download I-tunes. If you are asking if it is possible, it is.

Is it possible to download an installer on one computer then run it on another?

Yes. The installer is the same regardless of its download location.

How do you download pikmin onto your computer?

It is possible but it is also illegal so I will not explain how.

Can you download computer games on multiple computers?

In fact, it's really possible.

Is it possible to buy a an app and play it on the computer?

No, unfortunately that's not possible. you can download it to your ipod touch and you play the game but why would you get your apps on your computer when you have the app store on your ipod touch

Is it possible to download internet explorer 7?

There are many sites that offer a download for internet explorer 7. Many of these downloads are free and will also download directly to the computer.

How do you upload video from your computer to your iPod Nano 5th gen?

I do not think it is possible. You can download audio files from your computer to itunes though.

Can you play Super Mario 64 on the computer?

Yes, you can, but you need to have a Nintendo 64 and be able to hook it up to your computer. Here's how you can get the program "Project64": First, go on Google and type "Download Project64". Next, find the best possible download and download it. Then, go on Google and type "Download Super Mario 64 For Project64". Then, find the best possible download (Preferably one that doesn't give your computer a virus.) and download it. Lastly, go on the program "Project64", start playing, and have fun!

Can you download a nook book into a Mac?

As of July 2013, it is possible for a person to download the application Nook Book to a Mac computer. This will allow a person the ability to read their favorite books on their computer or laptop.

Where can you buy bus driver without download?

It is not possible to buy Bus Driver without it being downloaded onto the computer in which you bought it from.If you want to buy it on one computer and have it downloaded on a next computer, download it on the computer you bought it from then transfer it using a flashdrive :)

Is it possible to download Pokemon Colosseum on your computer?

YES there is a game cube emulator, called Dolphin v2.0 it make it possible to download and play EVERY game cube game to your PC FREE.

Is it possible to download Roblox straight to your flashdrive without it downloading onto your computer?

No, it is not possible to download Roblox to a flash drive. Roblox automatically installs itself on your computer, so you cannot choose where to put it. Finding the roblox files and coping them to your flash drive could work, but probably not.

Are there any Filipino Movies that it is possible to watch on the computer?

There are many Filipino movies that can be watched from a computer. Websites such as Watch Filipino Movies will allow one to download or stream these movies for viewing on a computer.

Is it possible to remove the theft system on a 96 cavalier?


What possible effects can a computer virus have?

The effects of a computer virus is loss of information or your computer will shut down or your computer might just break and you will need one depending on the type of virus you have so becareful on what you download or open.

Can you download a computer Virus onto a CD?

It is possible - if a recordable CD was in the drive at the time the computer was infected - then there's a high chance the virus was also copied to the CD.

How do you download songs from an iPod to a computer?

Unless your ipod is hacked, it is not possible to download your library onto a computer. You could however, use your ipod as a thumb drive or a disk drive and physically place the song files you want moved onto it, and move them off onto the new computer.

How can one download Internet Explorer for a Mac?

It is possible to download Internet Explorer for a Mac the same as with any other computer. When downloading, one just has to make sure to download the Mac version as opposed to the PC version.

How do you play Maplestory without download?

No, you must download the game in some form. If you'd like, it's possible to download it onto a flash drive, so you can take it with you and play on any computer. Other than that, you MUST download the game client to play.

Can you download on the iPad?

It is possible to download on the iPad.

Is it possible to download Nazi Zombies on Wii?

No. It is not possible to download Nazi Zombies for the Wii

Where can you download music for a MP3 player?

On any website that sells music on MP3 format such as the iTunes store and, but be sure to check if it is compatible with you MP3 player, then just download it to your computer and if possible insert a USB port in to your computer then import the files to the device.

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