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I don't quite know what you mean. Hope is not lost though, I do know that you cannot transfer saved data from one profile to the other...well it doesn't work for me anyhow! I hope this helps you out.

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What does a xbox360 do?

A Xbox360 is a console, the second after the first Xbox. You play Xbox360 games on it and I think you can download or buy a thing so you can play your Xbox games on it to.

Do you have to download games on the iPod Touch?

You dont HAVE to download games, but if you want them, yes you have to download them from the itunes store. It is not possible to transfer games from another iPod Touch onto yours.

Can you download games to Xbox360 with a hard drive?

yes and no you can download games on a hardrive but you need enough room

How do you get xbox360 indie games?

Go to the game marketplace and then go to games click on indie and download

Is it possible to download old games on Xbox360?

There are xbox originals on the marketplace. I forget how much they cost, but it's only a small handful of games that were from the original xbox. One that I can remember is gta San Andreas.

Can you download Xbox360 games and play them?

yes but it is sort of a rip off because you can download it but you cant play it without the game.

How do you play Xbox games on the Xbox360?

you download an update from xbox live but some games still might not play...

Can you really download xbox360 games then burn them onto a disk and play them?

i also want to know how

Can you download xbox360 updates without xboxlive I want to download elder scrolls skyrim updates for xbox360 i was wondering if you could?

If you have a pc that has Internet you can go onto the Xbox live home page and get download from there and copy to data stick or disk and transfer from that. If you can get the Xbox connected to Xbox live you don't have to pay for connection now unless you want to play online games then you have to upgrade to gold hope this helps

How do you install games for w302?

you can download games to your w302 from your computer and then transfer it to your phone: phone - other. you can download games from

How do you download nokia 5310 games?

Well,you can go to or just download the games to your computer and transfer them to your phone...

Do you need my Ethernet cord to download games on the xbox360?

You need a internet connection on your Xbox to download games on the marketplace. You could use ethernet but you can also use wifi (wireless).

Will Japanese Xbox360 games work on Xbox360?


Can you play Xbox games on a Xbox360?

yes xbox games can play in the xbox360.

Can xbox360 games be played on the new xbox360?


Is it possible to download games to a dsi action replay?

nope. but you can download some games on the dsi shop.

Is it possible to transfer steam games to another account?


How do you transfer pokemon from white to older games?

Not possible.

DO US Xbox360 games work on EU Xbox360 consoles?

Nope, Xbox360 games bought in the US will not work on an EU system.

Can you play xbox360 games on a wii?

it is possible that much further in the future you can but for now... chances are very slim

Can you play xbox360 games on PC?

No, not until the PC is able to emulate the Xbox360. It's possible that much further in to the future this will happen. However, for now.. Chances are very slim. That is unless a supports both platforms.. PC and Xbox360.

How do you download Nintendo DS and DSi Games?

You can download unlimited, full version Nintendo DS and DSi games and easily transfer them to your DS / DSi using:

How do you put games on a TI 83?

you have to download them off the internet and transfer them to your calculator using a usb transfer cable

Do the old xbox360 games work with the new xbox360?


How do you download games on micromax x336?

Micromax x336 is a smart phone with an Android operating system. In order to download games on it, one must register to Google and use the Android App Market to search and download games. It is also possible to transfer game installation files directly to its memory card, but takes a bit more skill.

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